I enjoy writing kanjis for fun as I go. But there are some that are not so fun to write. What are some kanjis you love or hate to write?

Hi All!

I’ve been doing this since the beginning of WaniKani where for every lesson I would write down the word or Kanji. Since I limit myself to 15 new words a day tops, I find the time very enjoyable where I can sit down, put on some music and use my soft tip pen to calligraphize.

The left two books are from my RTK days where I would just brute force writing kanjis and hoped they stuck (Didn’t work too well, but I still remember a lot of the mnemonics which I sometimes refer to over the wanikani ones), while the right two books are from WaniKani levels 1-33.

There is some strange pleasure to making a particular Kanji perfect and beautiful. I love writing swoopy ones like 我, 永, 成 and 銭. I dislike the crammed ones that have too many horizontal lines because my coffee powered hands get too shaky sometimes and I lose the ability to draw straight. Examples: 費 (The computer can’t even complete the 貝), 警 and 撃.

Do you guys have any pen and paper recs? I am right now using a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen and I really like it.


Hmm, some are not as fun to draw, 襲 comes to mind…there are not many ‘imperial’ radicals used, ‘death star’ is another

Here are my current writing leeches, not sure why I don’t like to write them:

藩, 惨, 禍, 唆, 澄, 甚, 濁, 淑, 膨, 漆

Hey, I’ve been doing much the same! Except I’ve put most of my focus on speed rather than neatness just because that’s how I like to write in English as well.
As for pen and paper recs… I am absolutely in love with the pencil and paper I use! A Kuru Toga 0.5 mechanical pencil and Kokuyo loose leaf paper.

(I put a bit of effort into these ones :upside_down_face:)


For writing quick that looks really good! It looks as if an actual japanese person would be taking notes or something.

Here is a better look at mine. I realized I put too many books in my first picture. I can’t imagine being in class and making all my strokes perfect haha. I should learn to write faster!


Are there any you like to write? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It can be really satisfying writing fast sometimes and not very difficult either (if you don’t worry about looks…)

I personally write everything down because it helps me remember. The memory of the movement joins with the mnemonic in my mind.

I wish I had one of those fancy square book like y’all to write! Mine are not quite as fitting for Japanese.


I suppose they are all fun in some way, perpendicular lines and squares are easier to write proportion wise. 囚 is a fun one since its like a pictograph. I’ll never forget the hint for 幽 given here and reminds me how crazy WK is when writing it :). There are alot of turkey radicals used in kanji, didn’t like writing that one for a while. I’ve made few bad habits stroke wise, relearning a few has been good practice I suppose.


Off the top of my head I can think of 書. When I started handwriting kanji it always looked awful due to the high density of lines, but after I got the hang of it it’s always fun to squeeze those strokes on the paper. It gives off an orderly chaotic vibe.

There are tons I hate to write, and I must say it’s probably most of them! lol


I am rather obsessed with writing (and getting a “cute” handwriting style"). Rather than particular kanji that I don’t enjoy writing I think there tends to be radicals that don’t agree with me. Some I can think of are:

  • Any “enclosed” kanji like: 囚因困国 (By extension I hate 玉)
  • Any kanji with this shit in it: 武載歳裁 (ほこ部首)
  • Most kanji that have しんにょう部首、えんにょう部首 etc: 建庭辺返
  • I’m also just not a fan of the shape of the outer part of かぜ部首: 風嵐楓瘋

Here is some handwriting of mine.


I love pretty much anything with 氵 or 夂, like 活, 冬, or 落, I find it so satisfying doing those strokes.

I really hate 行 because I can never get the balance right. I’ve never been able to write it well.


For complicated reasons, as part of an address, I need to write 藤 regularly . I get the top, and the 月on the left ok, and it just disinegrates from there. :expressionless:


Also, my worst kana is タ. I never can quite get it right.




But what about the kanji 夕

I’m actually surprised we don’t get more questions about the lookalikes.


必 was invented because so many people sucked at writing 心 and kept crossing it out that someone assumed it was a new kanji and started using it.

this is a joke, although I wish it was real


タ, ロ, and カ are easy, 夕, 口, and 力 are impossible to get right


Actually my rendering of 必 improved when I started to write it with the Japanese stroke order (that is, not 心 and ノ; but rather ソ 乙 (well more like the second stroke of 弋 ) ヽノ )
(see the stroke order charts at 必 - Wiktionary, the free dictionary )


I write my 心 like this
Becuase I saw this guy wearing it when I learned it


This is really cute! Is the top left 愛 in cursive?