What happened to Tofugu.com?

What happened to https://www.tofugu.com/ that hasn’t been update in quite a while?
I loved the column “New Japanese Learning Resource”, that used to be released at the beginning of every season.
But the last one that got released was the Winter 2022. Spring 2023 never come.
That’s unfortunately.
Will it ever come back?


There was another thread about this in May, looks like they’re working on it:

I assume the team’s focused on WaniKani right now and that’s why there’s been a lack of articles lately. I’m hoping for the return of that column too!


@Mods I to miss the learning resource post among others. There have been times were it has skipped seasons in the past. It has been 7 months without a new post on that topic. Have you quit caring about keeping it going?

Thank you very much.
I did not know about that post from May.
Hope they come back with the learning resources very soon.

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Hey @Mandopicker! @meagstudies is correct! The whole team is putting a little extra love and care into the WaniKani side of things right now, so we have been spending less energy and resources on Tofugu. This has happened in the past, but as @TofuguKyle mentioned, Tofugu isn’t going anywhere. Although I can’t really go into details, the work is still being done. :muscle:

Thanks for the ping and questions! Happy studying! :nerd_face:

-Nick at WK


I’m assuming this applies to the podcast as well?

I guess I’ll just be a patient little duck and wait. ^^


Hey! Yes, you may have to be a patient little duck since Kanae is focusing her attention on some other projects at this time! :duck:

-Nick at WK


I guess it’s really dead now? :pleading_face:


I think the team is probably just focused on something else, whether that’s WaniKani or some complementary resource for learning grammar or vocabulary. I doubt we’ll see any updates about it because users would give an overwhelming amount of feedback (just look at the posts about relatively minor WaniKani updates) and I don’t think they want to have to backpedal or apologize like they have with EtoEto and TextFugu in the past.

I also think Tofugu content has been winding down for a few years now and this is not a new phenomenon. For example, the last interview was in 2018 and the last post about travel was (understandably) in 2020. We can really only speculate about what the team is up to, though.