WaniKani together with TextFugu

Hey, I am just about to start and I wonder how I should compliment WaniKani with TextFugu. Do they go hand in hand? Should I do them at the same time?


Short-ish answer:
From what I understand, TextFugu is dead :skull:. I don’t think you can create a new account for it and will only have access to the first few chapters.
Tofugu was in the process of a new grammar app called EtoEto but that has been “coming soon” for about 5 years.

If you just search for grammar resources you will find a bunch of threads with alternative ideas. Some of the more popular grammar resources are the Genki textbooks and BunPro.jp. Good luck finding something that works for you! :+1:

This may be of some help…


Yep, TextFugu is dead. Honestly, it’s been dead for a long time - disabling new accounts just made it official.

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Well, that’s how I did things. I started with TextFugu 5 years ago, and then after a few months started WaniKani as well. They do complement each other well, but TextFugu is very limited. It has great content and it does a very good job explaining grammar points, however, it doesn’t cover enough to get to intermediate level. I think I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere that Genki 1 goes farther than TextFugu does.

The other elephant in the room is that TextFugu is dead. It does great what it does, but while we (TextFugu subscribers) were promised constant updates, which eventually took the form of EtoEto and subsequently died in its infancy, there probably won’t be anything new coming up in the foreseeable future. WaniKani is such a great product, and it’s clear that the folks at Tofugu do a great job with it, but the way TextFugu/EtoEto were handled was disappointing to say the least.

That being said, I have no issues with the actual content of the TextFugu lessons. It helped me a lot getting started, and also introduced me to SRS and WaniKani, and I’m thankful for its existence. I probably wouldn’t even be learning Japanese if it weren’t for it. So if you’re ok with it as it is, just a resource for learning the basics of the language, then go for it.

In addition to being very basic and entirely dead, TextFugu also uses Anki decks with very outdated usage instructions. It doesn’t hook into WK at all and the vocabulary and kanji lists don’t follow WK, either. So, you’d be learning two different lists at the same time, though there is some overlap.

And since EtoEto has been coming soon for many years, I don’t expect the current situation to change any time soon. Use WK for kanji SRS, but look elsewhere for vocabulary and grammar and everything else.


Well, that’s what I’ve done.
I think, TextFugu is the best resource for beginners; I’m really glad I’ve managed to finish it.

It’s a pity they stopped supporting it…

At this rate, I’m beginning to wonder what would come first - Half-Life (Episode) 3 or EtoEto… :thinking:

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The funny thing is, they still have the link to “Pricing” and “I want to be a member, now!” links. Only after clicking one of these links do you get the information that you can’t actually “be a member, now!” Which is… false advertising?


“False advertising” was the years they spent touting it as a living textbook that was constantly being updated…

I figure we’ll find out which one will win on April 1st. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it’s still being advertised as such if you visit the site. But you can’t create a new account so that’s that.


“We’re always working to put out new content” is the false advertising here. Not being able to create a new account is probably in a separate but similar category of “misleading”.

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I guess, but as long as you’re not being sold anything, it can hardly be called false advertising. It’s just outdated information from my point of view ¯\(ツ)

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