EtoEto 2019

Does anyone know if there has been any news on an EtoEto release? The last time the twitter page with updates had anything new was back in December of 2017 ;w; I NEEDS ME SOME OF THAT SWEET SWEET LEARNIN’


Nope. I wouldn’t count on it :eyes: The Tofugu team seems more focused into continuing to improve Wanikani.


Have you ever looked at BunPro? ^^ Created by people intimately familiar with WK magic, aimed at teaching grammar.

There is a month free trial you can use to see if it’s your thing.

For EtoEto:


* No indication that it will be soon


same friend ;w;


EtoEto will be finished in year 42+.


The last update on EtoEto is no update.


I just checked and it turns out I still have alpha access from way back. Last update on the site was in 2017…

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Is EtoEto the new Half-Life 3?


The race is on!

I kid of course - Tofugu is a small team. Don’t hate me, mods. Loves ya :purple_heart:


Haha, that’s great. There’s even been been more news about Half-Life 3 than there has been about EtoEto in the past year. They did genuinely make a reference to Half-Life 3 in An EtoEto Update in 2017.

Koichi: I know it’s been a really long road… Like, really long. Second only to Half Life 3, if we’re keeping track of time spent waiting.


Great nerds think alike…

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Considering they’re now devoting their attention towards cosmetic updates to WaniKani, I’m starting to think my usual prediction of “within the century, for sure” is looking a bit iffy.


I realize their plans got in the way, but when I bought lifetime TextFugu in 2014 I really had high hopes for it. Waiting 5 years with so few updates makes me sad.
The Kuma part of the alpha is pretty cool though, too bad it also seems abandoned.


How much did you pay for lifetime Textfugu?

I think it was like 100$ or something. TBH I loved it, it was my first textbook, and I learned enough Japanese from it in one year to be able to take tutoring lessons in Japanese from a native teacher, so it’s not like I’m feeling like it wasn’t worth it or anything, it’s just that one of the promises was that there would be constant updates, and then EtoEto was announced and the hype surrounding it was surreal, we were all excited about it on the TextFugu forums. Oh well, that’s life sometimes. On the other hand, WaniKani is an extraordinary product, and the team really did a good job with it (I wouldn’t have bought lifetime if I didn’t feel that).

Speaking of the forums, I wonder if anyone’s still out there. :thinking: Any other WaniKaniers that came from TextFugu?



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I’ve seen some of his latest posts but everything is a few weeks old at least, doesn’t seem like much activity lately.

You… you know he’s talking about me right? :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I was basically the last remaining regular for a long time. When they closed new TextFugu registrations, we stopped getting all the “Hi! I’m new!” posts, so the forums basically dropped dead.


Yeah :smiley: how can I mistake that cat avatar? Hehe, there was a time when I checked those forums daily, before I discovered WaniKani and switched over.

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Yes, how could you?!? YOU MONSTER!!! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: