What are those little icons and numbers in dashboard?

Hey, this is a silly question, I’ve read both “guide” and “faq”, still not sure,

As you know in the dashboard there are three numbers with icons below them. First one shows you how long do you have to wait before your reviews and how many reviews will you get. Cool but I don’t understand next two. You know, it says “next hour” and “next day” with numbers above them. What are they? What are they trying to tell me? What are those icons?

What a mystery.

It’s how many reviews will become available in the next hour. And how many will be available in the next day. It just tells you what to expect.

Thanks but first icon is a clock, other two are something like a box, if they are the same thing why icons are different?

Edit: Oh wait, one shows the time, other two are the number of reviews you are getting, right? That’s a weird design choice though.

The clock is to tell you when your next review is coming up. The boxes are your review piles: one pile for the next hour, and one pile for the next 24 hours.

If you want a better idea of what your exact schedule is like, I recommend looking into this add-on script:

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Thanks, it just feels weird to me to be honest but at least I understand it now.

The 2nd and 3rd icons are “inbox” icons.

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Indeed they are. Thanks again.

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