WK should give next review amount instead of next hour amount

As the current UI stands, WK currently tells you when your next review is, how many reviews you’re going to have next day, and how many reviews you have in the next hour.

Obviously the next review is required, and I really like that it tells you how many reviews you’re currently looking at for the next day. However, when your next review is in 2+ hours, you can’t tell how many reviews it is until an hour before.

I think showing how many items are in the next review instead of the next hour is beneficial because it lends itself better to planning, am I able to do this while I’m out and about, or should I wait until I’m on a computer to tackle this. I also like being able to know how much is in my next review because I want to know roughly how much time it will take (which wraps back to point 1).


I don’t know how you feel about userscripts but this may be of use to you.


That userscript seems kind of busy, I was thinking of just replacing the “Next hour” portion with “Next review”

Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense for there to be a “Next review: 3 hours” and then “Next hour: 0”

I sometimes wait like 9 hours for my next review, only for it to be 1 freaking item. :upside_down_face:

Otherwise I would just wait for the next one after that.

Although, once you have 50 reviews available, would the "Next review items: " add the current review, or just the next one?


Just the next ones. The current “next hour” only shows the next ones as is so it would work the same way.

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You can adjust the interval of that script so that you can seen granular info on a shorter time period instead of weeks or can be a couple of days… That will show reviews each hour. Will be probably be what you want to see.

Devils advocate… if you don’t want to use a script and wk doesn’t give you the info… But you’re going to do reviews anyway… What difference does it really make?

Good luck!

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Knowledge is power. (I still don’t want to use scripts)


I dunno man, I think that script is really convenient and pretty easy to see at a glance. Might want to give it a shot.


I agree with this! In my situation, I can’t use scripts. I use Wanikani exclusively on my phone and on my work computer. In both cases, I can’t install user scripts. I think it’s a fair thing to ask because I encounter the same scenarios where I can’t always have the time for a large number of reviews, but if I know how much are coming up, I can better prepare for them.

I don’t know if it’ll ever be changed like that, but I have just enough time in my day to look at my dashboard and wonder before getting back to work or commuting. It would be a helpful feature for me!


If anyone is using iOS you can get the AlliCrab app (user created app).
You can see this :arrow_down: which is Super awesome and helpful.

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I use WK on the computer at home and the phone…on the phone the only script that is there is the correction for typos…but that’s good enough for when I’m out and about…this is what I was trying to explain earlier… I’m not pushing you or anything just sharing what it looks like by hour for a 2 say review cycle.

If you hold your cursor over the individual blocks it will tell you what you are going to be reviewing etc…

Just to give you an idea :slight_smile:

It is confusing at first, even I thought so. But once you ask a question or two and figure it out, you can tell at a glance. For example:

As you can see here, at 9pm on Friday I’ll have about 50 vocab reviews, and after that 40 vocab/kanji at 10+11pm.

As for mobile, while I believe it’s possible to get scripts like these to work, I also have never found it worth the effort. So in that case, this script wouldn’t be much help.

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I use the timeline script on my phone and it works great. You can have a look at your timeline, see what’s coming up, plan your review sessions and then hide it to keep your dash looking clean.

I also think about scripts as “necessary evil”, something that I’m not a fan of but can be really helpful. To be honest, I admire people who resist userscripts and use WK without them.

Personally, although I find the Ultimate Timeline script very helpful, if somebody pointed a gun at me I would give it up. What I could never give up is the Jitai script. It’s so useful to be able to recognise various Japanese fonts and handwriting. I’d rather get shot than give up Jitai.



I guess I would add the quality of life scripts like Ultimate Timeline and even Jitai (even though most manga fonts are the same, so there’s really not too much variation there) because it seems pretty useful, but I don’t think scripts like the reorder one or the override one (is that the one that lets you say you got something right?) are necessary. First of all, I do all my lessons as soon as I can, so no point in reordering them, and if I get something wrong because of a typo or because I didn’t pay attention properly, sucks to be me, I don’t think the “Oh, hey. I can just override it.” mentality is conducive to learning.

But of course everyone has their own opinion.

I’m also just too stubborn, not much to admire about that. :sweat_smile:


I used the Reorder Script when I was level 40-ish. Definitely stay away! If you have a big review pile, it’s better to reset your level than tackling the reviews using Reorder Script. It’s evil.

I’ve reset twice, tell me about it.
Although it was because of long pauses both times, so nothing the reorder script could’ve done for me.

Also, I was probably going to use a script to fix the colors and stuff they changed last time, even I’m not that stubborn. But, fortunately, everything got sorted out.

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I use it all the time! It’s great for planning.

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