A fix for the Dashboard's "Next Day" lies!

As all pedantic people have probably noticed, one of the review indicators on the dashboard is wrong.
This fixes that.

Yes, I know no one needs this.


Y’know… I’ve never really thought about this. You are correct. It is indeed 24 hours. We all know that…

I wonder if this is something @viet could adjust in 3 seconds or if it’s something they really don’t care about changing. It is very minuscule, but darn it, we like accuracy.

To me:

“How many do you have the next day?” means tomorrow.
“How many do you have in the next day?” means next 24 hours.

But changing it to “Next 24 Hours” does eliminate ambiguity.


I never read it as “tomorrow” but userscripts are there for people to modify what they want to.

I’ve not once thought that it meant the next calendar day…


Whelp, I’ll admit I’m one of those who always thought the “next day” here meant “tomorrow” and thought the numbers seemed off (but never cared enough to investigate). So clearly this script is for me. :wink:


I didn’t know it means “next 24 hours”. Im not native Usakistanees tho. Every day i have been like “Im alive today and couldn’t care less about next day so where the hell is todays info?”

But now you do. My statement is true because once you read it you know how it works.


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I always thought it did… *shrugs*

But then I’ve never really checked it’s accuracy, either, I just used it as a ballpark as it could be more or less depending on how many reviews I get right/wrong when, and new lessons. And I never expected them all at once.

To the people who thought it meant “tomorrow”… you’ve never seen the number go down after a big review of guru+ items (basically anything other than apprentice, because when you do an apprentice item it still usually appears again in the next 24 hours)? That wouldn’t make much sense if it meant tomorrow.

Since the day I installed Timeline, I’ve never paid attention to the ‘Next Day’ box :slight_smile:


I think the OP’s point is basically proven in that it’s ambiguous!

I automatically assumed that it was 24 hours because it’s easier to code.

Ahhh… well for us non-coders… “next day” means something different. :slight_smile: