Did my first review, but there's no countdown for the next review

I finished my first review about an hour ago, and I know that I have to wait 4 hours for the next one to unlock, but there’s no countdown unlike there was for my first review. Is this normal? I don’t want to have to keep refreshing the site to see if my review is up or not, I’d rather be able to see some sort of countdown so I know. Here’s a picture of my dashboard right now:

I don’t know what countdown you’re referring to, but on the right side of your screenshot it says you have 26 reviews Tuesday at midnight.


I’m referring to the SRS stages, it says that I have four hours to wait until my next stage (apprentice 2). When I first did my lesson, it gave me a countdown until I could do my first review which was really helpful as I didn’t have to keep track of time myself, but there isn’t a countdown anymore.

Ah, alright. They’ve changed the dashboard quite of bit recently, so I’m not too familiar with what you’re describing. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the current dashboard can help you out.


I never received a countdown after doing lessons or reviews. I am surprised you ever received one. It is normal that you don’t get one anymore.

I time my activities with the review forecast on the right side of the dashboard. I keep track of the current time with the clock that displays on my Windows desktop. This is the closest to a countdown I can offer you.

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If you do want a clear overview of your coming reviews, you could try and install the WaniKani Ultimate Timeline script, it gives you a clear view of what items are to come, including SRS stages.

If you’re unfamiliar with installing scripts, you want to download the Tampermonkey add-on first and then get the WaniKani Open Framework script. It’s not that complicated, trust me. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for that script, although it isn’t showing any reviews that are upcoming, just the ones I did

Oh my gosh I just realized it’s Monday, not Tuesday. Okay nevermind now I see how it works. Thanks for the help everyone!


it only shows your upcoming reviews. and all reviews round up and are available at the start of the hour, so it wont be exactly 4 hours.

I’m sure you’re bored and would prefer to have more reviews. I guess everybody in the very early levels feels the same.

This is me at the start of level 7…

It’s getting more and more every level :smiley:

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