Next Hour replaced with Next Review?


Hi there. I’m trying to get back on track with WaniKani, having reset after Level 20-something and taking a couple years’ break. I have been enjoying several nice scripts to make my second go-around more motivating for me. However, is there an add-on that can change the “Next Hour” number of reviews on the dashboard to “Next Review” with the number of items in the next available review? For example right now my next review isn’t for 6 hours and I hate seeing “0 Next Hour” - I would rather see “# Next Review” or something like that if I visit the dashboard frequently. I am perfectly fine with seeing the “# Next Day” on my dashboard.

I already have Progress Plus and Ultimate Timeline installed in case people plan on suggesting them. Thank you in advance everyone.


If someone doesn’t make a script first, maybe I can add an option for that to Ultimate Timeline when I convert it to APIv2, since it already has that info.


That would be great, as I also feel that seeing Next Review in “about 12 hours” and having the pointless “0 reviews” in Next Hour. Because I’m lazy and usually don’t bother mousing over the Ultimate Timeline bars, it would be nice to see exactly how large my next review is. :grinning:


That would be awesome only if you have the time. Thank you!

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