What are scripts?

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about ‘scripts’ and I am confused as to what they are. Are they web extensions? Are they authorized by WaniKani? And if they are helpful where can I access them? Thank you very much to anyone who responds​:heartpulse::cupid::heartbeat:!

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I know the very next reply is going to be from someone with far more knowledge on the subject, but in my own superficial knowledge, WaniKani allows 3rd party scripts to access your user data through the use of an API key (a unique string of text which is given to you on your profile on wanikani.com). Because of this feature, people have developed 3rd party scripts run through various browser extensions which will perform various (very useful) tasks, such as organizing your reviews/lessons, showing a timeline or your upcoming reviews, etc.

Again, the next replies will (I assume) be more detailed/clear. I just wanted to Leebo this thread.

Edit: Your API key is actually found here


Thank you very much! I have a better understanding of them than I did before, I’m very grateful!

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[… even more superficial description …]

They are (client-side) modifications to web pages. You install a browser add-on (for example Tampermonkey) that will apply all scripts to a page before it is shown to you.

For WK that means that you see additional content, or change the behavior (ignore wrong answers, change colors, lock reviews). You just install script(s) to change things you don’t like or add functionality you want.

A list of what is already there (and some installation instructions):


To be more precise, most of the scripts aren’t exactly authorized by WaniKani, and they won’t support them, but they do not go out of their way to prevent them.

They do support some information with information to allow things like wkstats.com, which is only using ‘authorized’ information, but many other scripts work by changing the fundamental WaniKani web page experience.

However, most of use some scripts or another (timeline, ignore, reorder, styles, etc.)

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