Useful Scripts?

Hi everyone, I just installed Self-Study Quiz to enhance my experience with WK and I was wondering if there are more scripts that could help me learning with WK. If so, where can I download the scripts? Are all of them free?
What scripts do you use? Thanks for the time spending reading this!! =)

You can see this thread that has a lot of useful scripts:


You can pay me for mine if you want. I wouldn’t turn down a nice donation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But in all seriousness, they’re all free, and open source.

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I’m studying programming and I would be able to read and understand a script, but not how to make one and how to implement in WK for example.

Thank you! Will read it right now

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If you have Javascript knowledge, you’re all set to make scripts. They’re basically just .js files that are being injected into the pages. Examine a couple scripts in Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey, and you’ll see its pretty simple.

My Guide for Wanikani has a chapter just for all the scripts that are working and that I found valuable. It’s chapter 7. Have fun looking :slight_smile:

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Useful as always, thank you once again!! :smiley:

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