What are scripts and how do you use them?

I have seen lots of people talk about scripts, what are they, how do you use them and what do  you use them for? 

scripts are text files with javascript (a language sibling of LISP, but with no connection to java) code in them
as for wanikani user scripts, we tend to use greasemonkey or tampermonkey to install them
greasemonkey and tampermonkey “inject” the code into certain webpages
you can think of these things as plugins or addons in the way that we’re using them

one example of this is the ultimate timeline by rfindley, it shows a graphical view of your upcoming reviews

you can install a script by installing greasemonkey (firefox) or tampermonkey (chrome) and then clicking on the script link
they may contain some configuration options if you click on the ___monkey icon that your browser will gain from that plugin and go through its options


oh okay i think i get it. what are the most useful ones you find?


Lol, never saw that happen before ^^

In case you haven’t read up on your other thread, I’ll repeat it here:

I made a visual guide on how to install user scripts:

Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

Some of the more useful ones are

Wanikani Real Numbers
Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
Wanikani Dashboard Active Topics Panel

Those are only a few useful ones. There are also things like lesson/review reordering etc... WK has a lot of scripts that are fun and/or useful.

A (nearly) exhaustive list can be found here: /t/The-New-And-Improved-List-Of-API-and-Third-Party-Apps/7694/1

Just browse around there and see what you like!

thanks! now managed to install the script i want :slight_smile: xx

The more I use scripts, The more I love WK.

i only have one at the moment which tells me when my review for each item will be but i love that so i can see when i will level up. need to look through the list and see if there are any other must haves now!

Thanks for this (I’m one of those people that had to Google ‘what is an API’ so without this link I wouldn’t have managed to figure this out).