I’ve been reading this forum now for sometime and I sometime step over “userscripts”: Can someone give me some examples of useful ones or most used ones?

I wanted to ask if apps like “Jakeipuu”, “Kakumei” or “Flaming Durtles” are called userscripts or apps on here.

And do userscript have to do something with the WaniKani-Api or can they be something like HTML/CSS/JS-“Manipulation” aswell.

Tyvm in advance! :slight_smile:

This comment pretty much sums things up, although they may also use a part of official API (usually through wkof).

About the apps, usually on mobile, they are built on the official API, which is well documented.


Would it be possible to give me 1 or 2 examples of useful scripts?

In “Userscript” section; although Chrome/Firefox/Safari Extensions might as fragile as Userscripts.

Everything is opinionated, anyway…


Tyvm for your fast help.

Userscripts are like unofficial addons for wanikani. They are developed by users not wanikani. You use browser extensions like tampermonkey to install them. Then when you visit wanikani you can get completely different user experiences. Like auto commit, reordering, redo button and much more like visuals below.


Nice thanks!