Weird Discourse Bugs


Has anyone else been having weird Discourse issues?

For starters my home button hasn’t worked in a long time, it just doesn’t do anything. Sometimes however, when I right click it and press “open in new tab”, it actually does go to the homepage in the new window, which means the link is in there.

Furthermore, if I press a notification that leads me to a different thread than the one I’m in, it puts me at a completely different place from where the like of response was. When I press the notification again while in the correct thread, it actually does put me in the right location.

And lastly, when I have a notification that says “xxxx liked 6 of your posts” or something, I go to a list of the liked posts, but then somehow all the other notifications for the page I was previously no longer work anymore, as if I’m already on the page itself.

Anyone having these issues as well? Haven’t seen anyone talk about them, and no people reporting things like this on the Discourse forums.


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Can’t say I’ve noticed any of these issues, what user scripts are you running? And do you have any browser extensions active that could interfere with Discourse?

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Ok what the hell, I didn’t even consider turning this script off because I thought it definitely didn’t cause the issue, but apparently this was caused by the Rainbow Flairs script??


It could be something as simple as the Rainbow Flairs causing an error in evaluating JavaScript and messing up Discourse. Such is the nature of uncaught JavaScript errors :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well, the problem is solved, but I can still give you weird bugs. Like 孑孑. Now that’s a weird bug.


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