App for WK community

I added the WK community site to the home screen on my phone but I think it would be more convenient if there was an community app where you get notificated right away and not over email.

Do you guys know if something like this already exists or do you have any other thoughts about that?

They didn’t design the platform, it’s Discourse, so it being able to do such a thing would depend on Discourse’s features.


Just saw a Discourse app for iOS with push notifications, no idea if it is good though.

I’m watching so many threads, I’d be swamped with notifications. :see_no_evil:
I probably wouldn’t use it, but it’s not as if I’d mind there being one. :woman_shrugging:


Wait you, go AWAY from your computer?! That is a thing? O_o
*is not hooked, not at all :wink:

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