Discourse header issue on mobile

Hey @viet or @oldbonsai, can you get Discourse to update the version of the forums? There’s an annoying bug with the header on mobile that I believe they already fixed.

By the way, what’s the schedule for automatically getting updates?


See (beginning of conversation, read forward)

This is something we can fix on our end, I think.

I dont think there is an update schedule. They just roll out updates when it happens.

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@seanblue: It should be all fixed up. Let me know if you see anything funky going on with your device/OS of choice.

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Both issues fixed sir!


Am I not supposed to be able to see my profile picture or notifications when scrolling down while reading a topic?

When I scroll back up I can see it, but the notification itself is cut off.

I’m using normal size iPhone 8 if that matters.

I’m using Android phone and have the same issue going on.

Top banner cut off on the right-hand side, and can’t see profile button or notifications when scrolling.

Edit: ah, sorry - didn’t immediately realize it pops down when scrolling in the other direction.

Pretty sure this is intended behaviour

Yeah, I kinda figured, but it’s pretty annoying. :confused:

The notification issue is fixed. It does, indeed, look like the no-menu-view-when-scrolled is intentional.


See: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/pull/6632

Lookin’ good again! :ok_hand: Thank you. :purple_heart:

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