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I am not entirely sure about the nature of the problem, but when I post something in a thread that is older than, say half an hour, that thread doesn’t show up, neither in the latest topics, nor in that categorie at the top, even though all the other threads around are older than a few hours. I am litterally unable to resurrect threads,even if the last post was only 5 h ago. It’s not always the case though. Sometimes, when I reply quickly, it seems to work. Or is this some weird Discourse rule, that a thread doesn’t get counted as new for you when you posted yourself the latest post?

Edit: now this thread at least shows up as “latest thread”.

That is indeed weird. This thread for example doesn’t show up on although other new topics on “Bugs & Errors” do.

It shouldn’t show up as “new” but it should bump up in the Latest.

Also it should become “unread” but not for you. I’m actually always annoyed when Discourse puts a little 1 next to a thread, and I click on it and it’s the post I just made, so I think it’s acting as it should be acting in your case.

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