Weird Dialect

Hello guys!

I’ve been reading a manga called Happiness and I came across a weird dialect / slang that I had never heard. I’m not sure what characteristic/attribute it’s supposed to evoke.

Here are some examples plus my guess as to what they’re trying to say.

誰だ、おめ? なぬすてる? = 誰だ、おまえ? 何してる?
なぬ言っでる = 何言ってる
その扉ささわんな!! このほんぬ!! = その扉を触らないで!! (No clue as to what the rest says)

They same to replace a bunch of different particles with just “さ”, as seen in the third example.

For context, the characters that speak like this are from the Miyagi Prefecture.


Most of what you pointed out isn’t really a dialect thing I don’t believe. They are either just colloquial things like the なに->なぬ corruption or おめ just being another form of お前 (of which you will also encounter おめえ or おめー as well).

It’s pretty common in Tōhoku dialects to replace に/へ with さ
The 言っでる is very typical as well.
This doesn’t really have a lot of information, but for reference:


That sounds like Kansai-Ben “tough guy” speech. Just imagine this guy:


Saying it in a deep voice and slurring all the vowels.


Maybe he’s an alien…



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