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Week 7

Start date: March 27th
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page Page Count
Week 7 Mar 27th 俺と三葉との入れ替わりは起きなかった 106– 15

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In my Tsubasa Bunko, this reading ends on page… uh… 106.


Aaand I’ll throw some stuff for discussions and some questions in again!

With the latter sentence I have some problems. First I don’t get the meaning of 今からでも. I mean I relatively often have problems with particles, because often their meanings can very strongly depending on context. But this ‘glueing particles together’ is still very, very uncomfortable for me.
I’ve seen 頼むから a few times before. For my understanding it first makes not very much sense. Is this some kind of special expression?
If I would have to guess, I’d say 瀧 is bidding 三葉, the doofy, to exchange (bodies?) right from now. How far off am I with this interpretation? :sweat_smile:

There are some passages in this weeks part, I can relate sooo good with! When 奥寺 ask 「ごめん、待った?」 and 瀧 starts to think what he should respond! Great mental cinema!
Or when he later interprets the looks of pedestrians like それから横を歩く俺をじるりと見て、どうしてこんなガキがという顔になる。And later the links (these are internet hyper links, right?) 三葉 leaves for 瀧!Simply delicous, those parts :rofl:!! Despite reading a foreign language, I can relate damned good with his awkwardness!

When 瀧 reads 三葉s entry, he thinks
I’m unsure if the translation would rather be something like ‘OMG, she isn’t she a godess?! (I am thankful for this help)’ or rather ‘WTF, she is no (damned) goddess! (What does she think of herself? That she WAS actually a god? I mean she behaves like she did)’

Wow, I have been reading this sentence like ten times in beforehand and didn’t get it. Now I’m typewriting it and it makes total sense. If I get it right, 瀧 is imagining (and looking forward to) his next loose lipped conversation with 三葉, in which they trade insults like ‘that’s exactly why you are unpopular’ and ‘you are the bad one here for simply making an appointment’. However, the usage of particles is very… Japanese… here, I think.

Have a great week everyone,
~T :lion:


I think you’re pretty close. Here’s how I broke it down.
今から - from the present moment
でも - as well
頼む - I request
から - because
note 頼むから is defined as a set phrase on jisho.org as “I’m asking you,” but it seems clear if you break it down further.
The hurdle is too high. I’m begging you, please switch bodies for this moment as well, you doofus.
(as well as all the work you did leading up to this)

I interpreted it as marveling at her apparent omniscience–foreseeing that a) he might be in his body for the date, and b) that he would need tips for talking to the ladies.

I’m having a hard time getting into this book. It might be in part because I have seen the movie. Mostly as I’m reading, I’m just thinking, “Oh yeah, that happend.” As someone far removed from his teenage years, I feel like the moment-to-moment thought process of teenagers isn’t enough to stand on its own feet. In the movie, a lot more is simply implied, and there’s music and imagery to ruminate on, but with a first person narrative, it’s kind of… boring? I’m having a similar problem with another book I’m reading in English, A Blade So Black, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Alice in Wonderland sort of story, but it’s told through the eyes of a teenager, and all the teenage thought process exposition is just difficult for me to pay attention to.


I was late on this week’s reading, but finally finished tonight. Just wanted to share an observation from someone who doesn’t already know the story:

I found it interesting that 瀧 was so confused by the picture in the photo exhibit. Unless I’m misreading, he seemed to be unsure about his sense of deja vu when looking at the picture of the landscape that (I assume) looks like or is 三葉’s hometown. But he clearly knows who she is. I guess he can remember her and the fact that they switch places, but doesn’t remember the details of what actually happens when he’s living as 三葉.

The story seems like it’s starting to get really serious now. I wish I had time to read ahead, as the whole cell phone thing is realllllly curious to me, as is the talk of the comet.

See everyone in next week’s thread! (Which, since I’m so late, is actually tomorrow…:sweat_smile:)