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Week 8

Start date: April 3rd
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page Page Count
Week 8 Apr 3rd ざわざわと不吉な気配を増していく 120 13

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  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
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This section also ends on page 120 in my Tsubasa Bunko. Interesting that we’re kinda keeping pace at the moment (though I’m pretty sure that’s because the Tsubasa Bunko gets a whole page ahead each time we hit a chapter break).

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To think, I was just about to say how nice all of the section endings were…

I like the all the fuzzy dream memory stuff. It’s so weird how dreams in general can be so vivid, and yet their memory gets lost so quickly. But then when the memory is finally triggered it all just rushes back. It’s not fair that memories can be locked away in our brains, their presence known, but inaccessible to us.


Little bit behind, i just started this bit!