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Week 6 March 9th 2024
Start Page 79
End Page 96
Chapters Finish Chapter 1, Start Chapter 2
Pages 16
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Please help with the vocab list, either by filling it out or requesting words you don’t know. (I had to look up 曲流しっぱ though I could guess the meaning)



Ah, great. It’s a “plot driven by people not talking to each other” plot.

The overarm stab on the bubble tea was funny, though. タピオカ!!


I feel like the reason this happens so much in school age stuff is because students are dumbasses lmao


I’ve added the next four pages of vocab to the sheet. If anyone could look them over and check, that would be much appreciated. Up to the half-way point of reading. Will post my thought on the story after I’ve finished this week’s reading.

Just one language question to far, right on the first page.


I know all of the words in this sentence, but have no idea how to piece together this sentence. Especially considering the answer of "うん ありがと”. Could someone help me out?


They’re carrying stuff to the storage room, so it’s like ‘is it okay if we carry this side (of stuff) (away to the storage room)’. I’m not sure that’s a direct translation as such but that’s what they mean


I think there’s also a lot of truth in the useless lesbian stereotype of girls not realizing they’re into each other/want to date lol. Plus add onto that that young people in Japan don’t know how to date in general…

Reply to Till - Page 79 question

As well as “this area” この辺 can also mean “this point, this much, this extent”. Weblio gives that second definition as “この程度” in Japanese.

So I read this as “is it ok to carry this stuff back to the store room at this point?”

I’m not sure what the boy is doing in the background of that panel. I guess he’s carrying a heavy box!

Thanks for helping with the spreadsheet!

Page 89

CD shop uncle must be the only adult worried his teenager is not walking around with headphones in their ears all the time…

This week

Somehow, the weekly portions of this manga always feel like they are over too quickly. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the vocab sheet. It really helps.

I’m kinda starting to like the sleazy pretty boy (do we know his name yet?). When he first entered the stage, I feared he might be one of those bully characters whose job it is to blackmail the MC couple to create drama, but now he seems to be a fanboi/confidante for Mizuki.


I definitely feel the club could have read an extra 4 pages per week. :joy:


You WILL drink this bubble tea, and you will like it!!! (STABS IT VIOLENTLY)

I cracked up :joy:


I had to finish chapter 2… I just couldn’t leave it like that! This manga is soo goood!

Page 82

大沢 thinks to herself:


The 殺されそうになる here is of course used figuratively and I guess means something like being dejected or despaired. Is this kind of usage common or is she just being overly dramatic?

I tried searching for the phrase but this mostly yields results for dream interpretation :crystal_ball: :laughing:

Story comments

I feel the same about the boy. I thought he would be jealous because of how the ぎゃる treats him compared to the shop お兄さん, but he seems to just like hanging out with both of them.

He’s also really sharp! He intuits that the ぎゃる (I should learn the characters’ names :sweat_smile:) realized Mitsuki’s (at least I know one!) identity, and even notices her listening in on their conversation. It’s like he was put in the story to help cut through the lack of communication that is so common in manga/anime romance and bogs things down :smile:

p. 82

I’m not 100% sure of the exact meaning or how common it is, but the way I interpreted it is since she figured out 古賀’s secret because of that playlist, this is the first time the music she loves so much makes her feel bad (or, you could say, makes her feel like dying, if you want to be a little bit closer to the literal meaning). I guess you could also say “it’s the first time the music I love just about kills me” if you want to be even more literal about it, but I don’t think that quite works in English.

She’s being pretty dramatic indeed, but then again I think what she’s feeling goes a fair bit beyond just being a bit bummed out.


Week 7 thread


As annoyed as I usually am with that, here it seems completely justified to me? They both have good (and decently heavy emotional) reasons not to talk to the other about what is going on right now:

  • Mitsuki is well beyond the point of just casually admitting that she’s Onii-san. At first the awkwardness (and her tendency to accidentally flirt instead :laughing:) kept her from doing it, and now she doesn’t want to disappoint Aya, and she probably also kind of enjoys their relationship(s)…

  • Aya figured out the secret, is pretty flustered and probably has a lot of feelings to sort through first.

Considering that Aya knows what’s up now, I’m assuming this is a very temporary state.

I secretly call him Audience-kun because he’s enjoying the story from the sidelines, just like us :stuck_out_tongue:

Same! That always happens to me in books and manga that don’t have furigana… I never really get around to learning the names.