Week 2 - 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

Welcome to Week 2 of 気になってる人が男じゃなかった

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Week 2 February 10th 2024
Start Page 19
End Page 30
Chapters Continuing Chapter 1
Pages 12
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So, the reference to a fictional band on page 24 means that the Foo Fighters album being listened to is probably Dream Widow. In my copy, the cover of the CD that “onii-san” gives to her is blank, but I’ve found another version online which replicates the actual Dream Widow cover, so I guess there’s differing editions.

Also, Uncle calls “onii-san” Mitsuki. Is this the first name we’ve gotten for any of them?


I think that’s the first name, yeah.

I wonder how this pace will feel for people. There’s so little text on these pages that I read the chapters in like 5 minutes, but I know there’s no furigana for actual beginners which is why I wonder.


I’ve never read a no furigana manga before, but since there’s a vocab sheet there’s no issue at all. I’ve been reading the sections pretty fast.


Page 19 - 楽しみにしてくれてました?


This was on the last page of last week’s reading too.

楽しみにする - “to look forward to”
楽しみにしてました?- “were you looking forward to (it)?”

I tripped over what してくれて adds to the sentence - with てくれる carrying the meaning of - to do someone a favour, to do something for someone.

Then I realised the context. In the previous sentence the girl had said “I didn’t think you were here”

And therefore masked girl is saying, “were you looking forward to it?” as in “were you doing me the favour of looking forward to my presence?”

Which seems a very Japanese thing to say. Or that was my take on it anyway.


Ah your explanation makes sense, I was also confused by that part.


I’m finding the pace all right, though I do have to reference the vocab sheet a lot because there’s a lot of words I don’t know or I don’t recognize words I should know :sweat_smile:


This is the first time I’m joining a BBC, have done a couple of ABBC before this. The pace was very doable. I did these pages in about an hour. The vocab list is very helpful; if I had to look up the unknown kanji myself, that would have taken longer.

There’s quite a bit of unknown/ungrammatical (?) conjugation so far. I’m not delving too deeply into this, as long as I get the meaning. Which helps in keeping a good pace in reading.
Example from p. 30: なくしちゃいそうで. I’ve never seen the ~てしまう pattern conjugated like this, but I assume it’s somehow similar to how she conjugated 違くて?


しまう is a verb like any other, so you can further conjugate and tack on bits as needed. This is just ~そう applied to しまう which in turn is an auxiliary verb tacked onto the て form of なくす, but as a colloqualism the てしまう bit is shortened to ちゃう.

Remember that Japanese grammar largely involves tacking on auxiliary verbs (or adjectives like ない or たい), and those in turn can be handled like any other verb or adjective. I personally find it’s not very helpful to think of these constructions as a single conjugation, because each auxiliary verb you tack on can be conjugated and extended with more auxiliary bits in turn, and you can extend that potentially infinitely (though there’s a limit to what you’ll see in practice, of course).


Such a cool story! Can’t read it too fast, takes about an hour to go through it as I can’t copy out the kanjis out of the Kobo reader, but it’s worth going through it. Never read this type of manga before (mostly the likes of Death Note, Demon Slayer,…), so I’m happy to be discovering something new :slight_smile:


聴く kind of tripped me up this week. I pushed forward and context made it clear it was listening, but I even tried looking it up on Jotoba. Sadly while I could bring up the kanji in the radical search, it did not have 聴く as a word, so it wasn’t clear. (Jisho does list it as an alternate spelling of 聞く though).


That’s a weird oversight that it’s not listed as it’s own entry or at least found via search. It is an alternate spelling of 聞く meant specifically for listening. Oddly, 訊く (the alternate spelling specific to asking) does have its own entry…


Hello everyone :smiley:

I have tried looking up my dictionary and the vocab sheet, but I still don‘t understand this sentence on page 24:


What does しらねっつの mean ?

p. 24

ね (or ねぇ) is a pretty common colloquial way to say ない

っつ or っつー is a colloquial way to say という
And というの in turn is a colloquial way to say というか

So this is a little bit of ribbing between friends:

やっぱ私趣味渋すぎぃ? - are my tastes too refined for you after all?
しれねっつの - very colloquial way of saying 知らないと言うか - more precisely, I don’t care about them


OMG thank you SO MUCH


I consider myself a A1+, or a very weak A2 at best.
But I can read the weekly “chapter” in a couple of hours thanks to the holy vocabulary sheet :laughing:

(however since my grammar is trash I don’t understand all the nuances, and it’s the first time I read something with such a casual speech)


As long as people are finding the vocab sheet useful, I’ll keep filling it out. It’s good revision for me anyway


Here is your week 3 thread!