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Week 4 February 24th 2024
Start Page 47
End Page 62
Chapters Continuing Chapter 1
Pages 16
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Sorry, I haven’t finished the vocab sheet this week, I think it’s two thirds done or so. I’ll fix it up today if nobody else has


ジーザス. All that foreign music is a bad influence on you, Aya-san.

Ya misread 湿気 on page 47 as 温気. :stuck_out_tongue:


The line by the uncle at the top of page 56 is hilarious. By that logic, wouldn’t that make Mitsuki an おっさん as well?


Finished adding this week’s words (thanks for the pickup Belth) and added a few pages of next week’s as well. This is such a fun manga to revisit, I’ll have to put a physical preorder for v2 in at Kino - though maybe it’s on shelves already?


Should only come out on tuesday or so even on kindle.


I thought the same thing! And it’s so far from the truth as well. In the UK lots of teenage girls are discovering and loving music that their dads listened to 25 years ago.

あなたのたねにかわいくありたい chapter

This chapter was so funny. After managing to tame her hair the rain scene was hilarious! Especially her ジーザス reaction.

Love this panel!

Page 50 - it turned out that arriving soaking wet was a much sexier look anyway…

Not sure if I understood the last panel of that page correctly. I think キャパオーバー means “capacity overload” i.e. the thought of wearing Mitsuki’s hoodie is too exhilarating for her to cope with (むりです).

Mitsuki misinterprets her reaction - turning away and covering her face with her hand. I think Mitsuki says におう?! meaning “does it smell?!” Presumably Mitsuki worries that it smells because it’s wet, not that they wear smelly clothes!

(It’s such a misinterpretation - to Aya the rain that has fallen on Mitsuki is like holy water!)


Only week 4? It seems much longer! Still, that means we have a lot of the book still to go. Yay!. :smiley:
Couple of questions, I’m 3/4 done with this week’s reading.



This probably means something like “[I’m not going to?] let something like humidity be an obstacle for my love.” But I have no idea how to parse the latter half in particular. Any help with たまるかっつの?

p.50, related to post right above

Literal translation would be “over capacity”? Agree with Micki that it’s probably something like “That’s too much [to be wearing their sweater]”.

What does かかれば mean in this context?
((Edit: typo above. Should be 聖水 instead of 盛衰))


If I’m not mistaken, かっつの is short for “かっていうの”
Now たまる [堪る] is “to endure”, but specifically “~てたまる(もの)か” is often said as “there’s no way”.

Now as far as I can tell, “っていうの” is for emphasis, but yeah, essentially “I won’t let some humidity get in the way of my love life”


Maybe it’s 係る? “To be involved”? “If my Oshi is involved, even rain has it’s ups and downs” or something?

Page 50

I think it’s probably just the common かかる with a million definitions. One of them means “to be covered (e.g. with dust, a table-cloth, etc.)”, so covered in water. I guess.


Wrong せいすい came out when you selected the kanji. It’s 聖水 - holy water (not 盛衰 - ups and downs).

Which for me conjures up images of Catholicism (esp the movie Dogma) but of course they have holy water in Japanese religions too.


Oops. Thanks for catching that!


GOSH they’re always SO CUTE.

I have some questions, but I’ll probably type them up another day since I’m having trouble focusing right now :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for this :pray:
This sheet is saving me


I actually think this is a really good ‘step-up’ book because it gets you used to a lot of casual slang used by at least manga teens, if not actual teens (I don’t really remember, but I only ever really was around middle schoolers, so who knows) but the vocab is relatively small-ish and the chapters are all popcorn sized. Honestly it’s fun to just add like four page’s worth of vocab and sail on by, too. Speaking of which, I should add a few more of next week’s words…


Week 5 - Happy St David’s Day everybody :wales:


Catching up with this book club and thanks everyone who filled out the sheet, it’s so helpful with the slang :sweat_smile: