Week 3: ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 (Intermediate BC)

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Week 3


Start date: November 6th 2021
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Week Start Date End Phrase End Page (PB) Page Count
Wk 3 6 Nov Chapters 4-5 114 37

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Question about じさん’s speech on page 85 second panel.

I’m having a hard time understanding 遠くのでかけえ and よか。He’s saying that doctor is an acquaintance and he/she (no spoilers lol) is reliable and something about hospital being far but I can’t really put it all together.


けえ = でかい (huge)

よか is apparently a contraction of よりか, and is a colloquialism meaning “than”. seems like it’s roughly equivalent to より

頼りにならあ is a slur on some form of 頼りになる, meaning “to be reliable”.

I think that covers all the difficult bits, is there anything I missed? (sorry for the dripfeed, I realised I’d misinterpreted some bits so I added stuff as I looked it up)


Thank you!! This really helped. Now I get that this doctor he knows is more reliable than those in far, giant hospitals :grin:


I think he’s talking about a specific hospital in this case but yeah :+1:


Heh. I love how his old-man dialect is so strong in the third panel on page 89 that the manga actually includes the kanji for what he’s saying as furigana. And again on 98.


Can you tell me what that kanji is? It’s a blur on my scan


It’s 言.

Filling up the character count…


oh wow… never would’ve guessed lol


Reverse furigana! :joy:

It took me a while to read the 雨とその後 chapter, but I guess I understand most of it. One question I had was already answered above.

The speech bubble on page 98 bottom right (あんだかなあいいじゃんかよー) is still a mystery to me, though. Any help with that one is appreciated!

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I figure it’s along the lines of (liberally interpreting for maximum clarity…)
あんだかなあ - “I am contemplating this idea you have put forth (of offering free coffee in thanks)”
いいじゃんかよー - “and I have decided I do not require it”

I think maybe a more straightforward way of saying something similar would be like,
なんだ? いいよ

Like a very indirect old person way of saying “what? No need for that.”


and flustered (? maybe not the right term; he sounds moved to me)

Also I would include the 別に in, as in いいよ別に.


I feel like he tends to cut off the n at the start of なんだ

in which case he’s saying なんだかな, which seems to be an expression of helplessness



I guess あんだかな is basically the old man’s standard way of expressing surprise because I just realised he uses it more often. Just like ありゃま is for Alpha. (Every manga character needs their own phrase for that, right?) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ah, I noticed that happening with なに, but didn’t think of extending the idea to なんだ

I’d been thinking it was some variant of あなた…


Just realised I forgot to post the questions I had last week!

On page 103, what do you make of うちンのだけんど? Specifically that ン?

And what’s けえ in のめんなら言ってけえなよ on page 105?

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just delete both ン cuz they’re his accent

I think it’s a slurred おく as in 言っておいて (might be something else but the general meaning is “just say so from the start”)


Could also be 言っておけ, but same basic meaning either way.

I’m just catching up, but I find this manga to be so strange. In one chapter it’s like “look she’s a robot, see how she’s all different from humans!” and then in the next it’s like “but she can still get drunk!”. It’s like the mangaka couldn’t make up their mind on what they wanted.


I don’t know, I feel like it consistently shows her as somewhat biological (although details aren’t given).
She can process food, she sleeps (and dreams), goes to an actual doctor, etc. It’s possible that the mechanism that makes her drunk is different from the way human get drunk too.


Well, she is an actual doctor, to be sure, but when she’s working on Alpha, she does more “repair” than “heal”. Replaces her skin and hair and such.