Way to test for additional Kanji meanings?

I learned easily that 足 meant foot, but had completely forgotten that it also meant “sufficient” so I only reinforced the foot definition. When it came time to learn 足りる I struggled quite a bit to remember that it meant “To be sufficient” and not “to leg it” lol. Is there any extensions or functionality anywhere that when you enter a correct translated term, it gives you the option to go “Do you know any more translations?” as a way to let you make sure you know all the possibly meanings instead of just knowing one and sticking with that one?

I could just try guessing some other meanings when testing, but as dumb as it sounds I don’t want to risk it. I’d much rather play it safe and repeat the definition I know so I can continue progressing and learning more Kanji and Vocabulary and Radicals, than risk having to wait another 2 days because while I knew the correct answer it was looking for, I just took a gamble trying to reinforce the other definitions and was wrong and now I’m being “punished” for it. I think a perfect solution would be if when you enter in an answer, and it’s correct, the interface could say “Do you want to enter in another possible answer?” and you could try guessing more answers. This could also work great for readings of Kanji. (Though I’d still make it so it functions as it does now where it looks for the reading that was taught, the most useful reading. And after that one is accepted it could then again ask for other readings.)

Is there any functionality like this anywhere?


Does this work for you?


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Do you?

The “to leg it” part was obviously a joke.
They were talking about only knowing 足 as leg, so when asked about a verb, the only thing they could come up with based on the information they had was that.

Their suggested solution would work, because they’re not saying “to leg it” is one of the correct translations they mention, just that when they answer “leg” for 足, it prompts them to answer “sufficient” as well, so they get to learn that before needing to know the verb form.

Again, they didn’t ask to enter a foot related answer and get it as correct. They want to learn the meaning of 足りる, that’s the whole point.

The progression they’re worrying about is the kanji one, as that’s when they would try to remember the other definitions, not in the vocabulary where there’s only one right answer for the most part.

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I remember back in the first 10 levels I had this kind of frustration too. But later on several other verbs and vocab with same situation, but I always tend to stick to one meaning now.

Because later with immersion I can learn / remember different meanings for it. I dont reat WK as my only tool to learn anymore. For example, in WK I learned that 針 as needle and even burned it. But when watcing jojo par 5 there was a character saying 針 this and 針 that, I as like “??? I dont see any needle” and when checking with yomichan it means also 'hook, which was the situation presented in the episode.

In summary, I dont try to know all the meanings right away.

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Ah, I completely misunderstood what the OP was saying with their original post - they want to have to enter every possible meaning for the kanji in reviews. I see. Disregard my post then :slight_smile:

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In addition to the script @Kumirei mentioned, this one might also be worth checking out:

It wouldn’t force you to type in the other meanings, but you could set it to auto-show the other meanings even when you answer correctly and so at least get that additional exposure.

This is cool but not quite what I’m looking for. With this one, if there’s 4 correct answers and I list 3 correct and 1 that’s not correct, it marks the answer wrong which I think is a problem. I clearly know what the answer is in most cases, I have a general fundamental understanding of what the answer to the presented question is, but it still marks it wrong. This is also weird cause WaniKani only asks for 1 correct answer so it would be frustrating to know that if I just put in the one answer I would have been marked correct.

It’d be a nice tool for if I got to level 60 and wanted to really challenge myself when it comes to learning every single thing WK had to teach me, but as of what I’m looking for right now it’s not quite right. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Perhaps you could ask the author to modify it to your liking

Couldn’t hurt to try. I just always feel bad asking someone else to do something when I don’t have the skill set to do it lol

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