Mnemonic suggestions please!

I have tried for so long, but the many different readings for foot/enough (I can’t write kanji on this keyboard) - and especially when to use what - just won’t stick in my head.

Please help!

(FYI: Just saying that one in on’yomi and one is kun’yomi doesn’t help me. I’ve never been able to tell the two apart…)

What is happening when you get items wrong? Are you entering one of the other readings, or you just can’t remember anything for some words.

No, I enter the wrong reading. Usually I try to make up scenarios in my head to remember, but there are so many readings for this one and it’s hard to remember when to use “ta” or “soku” or “ashi” or…is there more? I don’t remember…

Well, you can rest assured that there are only 3 (unless you count words that alter the readings a bit, like 裸足, はだし, a combination of はだか and あし)

All of the verbs (and words adapted from the verbs, like 足し算) use た. So if you can keep that straight, it’ll probably help.

Oh, that helped! That’s a step at least :wink:

Do you know what an 足軽 is? Ashigaru? If you’ve played any war games set in Japan for example, you might. They’re foot soldiers, so if you can remember what an Ashigaru is, you can remember that Ashi is used for the body part. If not, well, knowing more words always helps me anyway.

Finally, keep in mind Wanikani’s constant refrain that body parts often use kunyomi even in jukugo. So 足軽 and 足元 and 足跡 and 足音 and such that use 足 to mean foot/leg, uses the あし reading. Meanwhile, 満足 and 不足 and the like have to do with the ‘sufficient’ meaning and use そく (sometimes with rendaku)
That’s not an absolute rule though. There are a lot of exceptions to what I just said. But while そく does sometimes refer to legs, I can say I’ve never seen あし in a jukugo that meant something about quantity. I would also say that I don’t usually see そく as the reading of the first character in a jukugo. There are noteable exceptions but it is almost always あし. The opposite isn’t true, though.

Anyway hopefully that can help you with some of the more common words…?

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I’m the same level as you (Despite what my avatar says. It lies.), so I can’t speak for words above the first half or so of level 6, but I kind of put あし aside, as the only word I’ve seen that uses it is 足 by itself.

Other than that I don’t really have a set way of remembering these. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I wanted to pipe up and say something since we’re in the same boat. :hugs:

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