Was I supposed to receive stuff from WaniKani?

I just watched this video How To Learn Kanji FAST - My 1st Year of the Wanikani Method - YouTube for some reason, even though I’ve already purchased WaniKani, and that guy mentioned in 6:10 that he got some stuff from WaniKani after signing up, such as a WaniKani sticker, a magnet and a letter from the WaniKani team. I haven’t received anything though. Was I supposed to?


You can get that stuff after reaching level 4, if I remember correctly.
If you didn’t you can just contact the WaniKani team via email and they’ll send it to you, I had to do that too.


It seems nice to have it. Thank you! I’ll try to contact them.

Don’t you have to respond to their email about the stuff with your address and whatnot. It’s possible you missed the email, or it ended up in spam, or that some glitch ended up in you not receiving it.


This is the email that I got when I signed up. It isn’t mentioned anywhere here.

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It’s a separate email just about the items and sending your info to them. I forget what the subject is, but someone else should be able to find it / remember.


I didn’t recieve anything like that. I wonder why.

A lot of people don’t receive the email. Just email them to hello@wanikani.com and give them your address :slight_smile: They’ll gladly send you the gift.

I only asked when I was level 9 (as I didn’t receive the email) and everything worked fine.


Thanks a lot! I have an exam tomorrow so I’m busy today, but I’ll try contacting them tomorrow.

Good luck for your exam :wink:

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Did they stop sending the email or something? It feels like this is much more of a problem than it used to. For what it’s worth I got the email, but unfortunately lost my stuff when I moved to another house.

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What??? I never got any email or anything. I’ve never hear about this. ):


Well, people only talk about it here when they didn’t get it. Usually. I remember a few times where someone was pleased and made a topic just for that, but usually the problems are what spark the topics.

Hmm I never got anything either :thinking:

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I never got anything either. Always just assumed I joined before they started handing out gifts.


This is the email I got:

こんにちは, goldcrono!

You did it! You’re Level 3!


You want some WaniKani stickers, or what? You deserve it. Just tell us where we should send it (please double check your address, we want them to arrive!).

[Get Some WaniKani Stickers]

And hey, keep up the good work. You’re doing awesome.

I’ll check back in when you hit Level 4 with some statistics about the things you’ve learned, and what you’ll be able to do with it.

Until then…

Koichi & the WaniKani Team
Copyright © 2018 Tofugu LLC, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you have registered an account at WaniKani.

Our mailing address is:

Tofugu LLC

117 SE Taylor St

Suite 303

Portland, OR 97214


I think I have never gotten this email aswell, probably because I subscribed via PayPal. Do they also ship internationally? (Europe)

Yes. Portuguese here :portugal::v:

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Oh sweet I think I’ll contact them tomorrow :smiley:

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They give out free stuff now??