Level 4 Email missing?

Hey everyone!

So I finished Level 3 yesterday and passed 90% on the Kanji progress bar (currently at 93%) :tada: But I didn’t receive any email to upgrade to level 4 or to say that there’s no more free lessons.

Was this removed? If not, it’s probably a bug and thought I should report it :smiley:

Will definitely be getting a subscription since WaniKani really works and is pretty awesome!


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It’s still very buggy. You can try turning the emails off-then-on in your settings, and sometimes it will send the email. But it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

You can report it via hello@wanikani.com

Also, you can find any emails you miss [here].


Turning it off and then on again worked (solves 90% of problems :joy:)


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I levelled up to level 9, but got sent the level 8 e-mail that I missed before. Still no level 9 e-mail.

The level mails seem to be really delayed in general. I didn’t get my level 5 mail until the day I dinged level 6.

Same thing here I am missing level up emails.

My level-up emails are one level behind. I just received the level 14 email a couple minutes after I reached level 15. It’s been like that for the past few levels. (And I see my forum marker is showing 14, too.)

It’s some kind of weird bug with our email client. If you turn off WaniKani emails in your settings and then reenable them, that should kick the emails back into sync.


It’s the “Receive WaniKani Related Emails” option on this page:

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