So I finished level 3 in Wanikani and got a mail about it

It’s about "Can I send you a WaniKani Present?
I received it on March 24 and I only got to reply at April 12 because I was busy for quite a while and forgot to check my email regularly
I want to know if I will get a reply or confirmation whether this present has already been sent or on its way
I currently live in Japan and I have no idea how long it will take for it to get here, I want to make sure it won’t accidentally get trashed along with the huge bunch of various ads and whatnot that get regularly placed in the postbox.

Doesn’t really matter to us if you take a long time. You should be good :slight_smile:


Seems I missed out on this offer. :slight_smile: Is this a fairy recent thing, @koichi?

It’s a bit random, I guess.

we probably started it after you had already passed level 3. But, shoot us an email and they’ll probably take care of you.

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I remember this email, but I ignored it. I became a “lifer” straight away, so I figured you don’t have to lure me, you already got me. But now I’m curious. What is it? Do I want it? You would have to send it all the way to sweden, you know. Seems like a lot of trouble for a sticker or something.

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Blasphemy! Nothing’s too much trouble for stickers.


<— You posted this topic just to torment us newbies with curiosity, didn’t you?

Now I HAVE to know…

Better do those reviews, then! ^_~

EDIT: Also, see this…


Good ones tho

And a cute magnet… :slight_smile:

I received my mail today; a postcard and two stickers. I was happy when I opened it, I didn’t think they’d actually send anything. :grinning:

Oh, maybe they’re finally out of magnets…

I think the present was super cool, especially because the text was handwritten. :slight_smile:
Made it much easier for me to go for a lifetime membership. ^^

O.o How did they know your address? Im scared of crocodiles so this matter worries me.

They asked for it. Haha ^^

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When i wished to feel young again i didn’t mean i want to be jealous like a little child over a magnet i didn’t get. :sweat:
But instead of getting a magnet i’d rather see wanikani t-shirts becoming a thing:

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I have to say I was a little hesitant to send my mailing address to someone I’ve never met… but then I realized I was already about to send my credit card number, too!
(I just wonder how long it will take to get to me? :blush:)

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I loved the postcard, really thoughtful for a company to do this :smiley:


But I wanted a magnet :sob:

I would actually consider buying WaniKani themed merch… I sold my soul to the Crabinator after all.

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