Warnings like "Oops, we want to .... reading" changes focus

When you get a warning in the review page, input focus changes. What I mean by that is, while you are typing something into the textbox, that textbox has the focus, so when you type something, you type that thing into that textbox. But when you get a warning, focus changes so you have to click on the answer area to edit your answer. This is very inconvenient. When that kind of popup shows, website should automatically change the focus to answer textbox again. That way we wouldn’t have to click something again.

Hopefully I was clear, it was hard to explain.



I’ve noticed this happening lately too. Pretty sure something has changed.

@Mods you know anything about this?

Hi, @Dolmakalem, can you reach out to us at hello@wanikani.com so we can get some more info/take a closer look?

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I can… but is it something only happens to me?

I sent an e-mail with a video recording.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have this problem, do you have any scripts your using?

Edit: Nope isn’t happening for me, my only scripts are WaniKani Open Framework and Double-Check it’s also possible that WKOF fixes it even if it’s in the base version.

Nope, I don’t use any scripts at all. I wonder if I was very clear.

I added a GIF… it is little bit big, sorry about that.

You were (probably, I at least understood what you meant) just trying to help troubleshoot, You could try installing WKOF and see if it helps.

It has been the same for me since I started on WK, not a game breaker but certainly annoying.


Happens to me all the time as well. It’s very annoying :sweat_smile:

This issue of losing focus between questions shouldn’t be there anymore after last week’s updates, but please let me know if it’s still happening.


It’s working properly for me again (Mac/Chrome), thanks :slight_smile:

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