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I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden in the reviews I am having a few bugs which I’ve never had before. I’m having it on two different computers too, so I don’t think it’s just due to a recently installed program/update.

If I enter a correct meaning for a kanji/vocab that has multiple answers, the “Did you know this item has multiple possible meanings?” message shows up, but I then can’t simply enter onto the next item, nor can I click the arrow. Instead I have to keep randomly clicking on the purple background and pressing enter until it finally works. That’s annoying because it completely ruins my flow, but it’s manageable at least.

The other issue I’m suddenly having is that sometimes the input answer box (either meaning or reading) will simply be greyed out, and not accept any input. Clicking on it or any of the other buttons doesn’t do anything, and strangely even though nothing has been typed, I can click “Item Info” to see the answer. This means that I can’t continue with the reviews (as I can’t get the item either wrong or right), and I have to refresh and start again.

Since I’ve never had any problems and it suddenly started with two different computers, I’m thinking it’s unlikely to be a problem on my computer? Either way I’m going to my parents house tonight, so maybe I’ll try their PC and see if it happens there too.

For the record: Firefox 62.0.2
Active scripts: Open framework, double check, mistake delay, stroke order, real numbers (Although even with them all disabled it still happens)

Sounds very serious, you better send them an email as well.

Not sure what could cause this, maybe you are using a browser extension that gets sync’ed to all computers you go? You could try a different browser or create a blank profile and test again.

By any chance, did you have two review sessions kept open at the same time? The issues you described usually happen when two review tabs are kept open at the same time.

Mistake Delay and Double Check both mess with the reviews screen, and probably don’t play well together, which is why I added Mistake Delay’s functionality into Double Check (as an option), so people could have both features in one script.

I’d recommend uninstalling Mistake Delay. Then go into the settings of Double Check, and turn off the checkbox that enables delay when multiple meanings are present.

I’m not sure whether that’s related to your second issue, though.

Oh, I had the exact same issue as OP some time ago, but it only happened after I installed Double Check. So I ended up uninstalling DC and went back to Mistake Delay. Didn’t know there was a setting in DC that could affect that, might need to try it again.

Anyway yeah, OP, first issue is almost definitely some scripts not playing nice. I had your exact issue before. Though I don’t use FF anymore after v57 essentially ruined it, so I’m on Waterfox. Still probably the same issue though.

Aah it was mistake delay!

Thank everyone! You’re awesome. :slight_smile:

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