A simple QOL change

Please Wanikani, if I type an on’yomi instead of a kun’yomi, don’t make me have to click back in the text box to type! Let me be able to type straight away and not have to go on my mouse to click the box to be able to type again. I know i’m lazy but it’s a buzzkill when i’m doing my reviews I want to keep my hands on the keyboard and not have to navigate over to my mouse if I entered a different volcab in the box. A simple QOL change!


I tried typing the wrong reading and it gave me a shake but kept my cursor active so I could backspace and retype

However, at other times where it does take off the cursor (like when I click the wrap-up button), I can hit enter and it’ll reselect it without me having to manually do so with my mouse. Maybe that will work for you?


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t remove the focus. What browser are you using and do you have scripts installed?


Netscape Navigator


I only recently began experiencing this, I used to not need to reclick the text field on an incorrect answer, not so anymore.

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I thought the same - that you had to click back into the box. However, you can just press the Enter key, and it will let you type once more in the box, without having to click in it.


Looks like something @mods should fix.

Otherwise, it might be fixable with a User Script for the time being.

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I think this happens primarily with the Chrome browser, possibly only on (some) macs. It appears to be some sort of race condition: if you start hitting backspace quickly enough, you can retain focus despite the popup appearing.

I submitted a bug report on this and had some back and forth with help@wanikani.com back in January.

It does not manifest for me with safari, nor with lessons on Chrome. Only with reviews.

My email thread was titled “Input losing focus on ‘oops’ messages”.

I’ve resigned myself to just living with it, but it is annoying.


We emailed you @steeshy back to find out more but haven’t heard from you yet, just fyi! Once we do, we’ll add to @Rrwrex 's original ticket, which we’re still looking at. It’s just that other issues have needed our focus more during the last few months.

I’m on Mac OS (11.6.1) / Chrome (100) + no scripts and can’t replicate this issue, but another person on our team was able to so we’ll hopefully get to the bottom of this.


You folks are wonderful.

BUT color me sheepish. I’d have sworn that this didn’t work before, but I can confirm that @podbod 's suggestion to hit enter vs. backspace to regain focus does work for me now:

Chrome Version 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (x86_64)
MacOS Monterey Version 12.2.1
  Model Name:	iMac
  Model Identifier:	iMac19,2
  Processor Name:	6-Core Intel Core i5
  Processor Speed:	3 GHz
  Number of Processors:	1
  Total Number of Cores:	6
  L2 Cache (per Core):	256 KB
  L3 Cache:	9 MB
  Memory:	32 GB
  System Firmware Version:	1715.
  OS Loader Version:	540.80.2~11
  SMC Version (system):	2.47f3
  Serial Number (system):	C02CM0XTJWF2
  Hardware UUID:	774113A8-AC28-566F-8D62-754E496C0928

It’s still annoying to lose focus to begin with, but timing/race-condition bugs are always tough to track down, so I definitely didn’t mean to complain.

Thanks for the follow-up!


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