Anyone else wish Wanikani didn’t make you click twice every time?

(Hope this is the right place to post.)

Wanikani is great. I use it every day and love it.

One small request: You have to click twice every time to get to the next question. Can you make it so it takes one click? It’s especially annoying on mobile.

You can’t click enter instead?

Yeah, just checked.

Still kind of annoying to have to click the arrow, but at least you can hit enter when you’re typing, then hit the arrow.

There are also unofficial apps where you don’t need to do this if you would prefer not to.

The point that it stays on the screen is so you can see your answer even if it was correct.

I remember there being a setting for that, but it might have been a script.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be a native feature.


Yup the Lightning mode script fixes the issue

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It would be easy to improve the UX.

Here’s the issue: Most of the time, people just want to go to the next slide. Once in a while, people want to see more info.

By optimizing the UI for the once in a while, you hurt UX for the typical case.

A simple fix could be to add one more button:

  1. First, rename the existing “Continue” button to “Continue and info”
  2. Then, add a new “Continue” button that jumps to the next card (this is the new behavior when you press Enter)

I am the opposite. I almost always want to see More Info, but that also isn’t a native feature. (That mentioned, double enter block for 1 second is essential.)

For me, regardless of UI, I want to make sure keyboard works well, and in an expected way.


Yes, double enter it is and you’re moving on to the next question. No mouse clicks for me.

For good or bad, but WK isn’t a mobile app. It’s a website. I get that lots of people don’t have computers, but I can’t even imagine doing entire WK on a phone, constantly mistyping and it just being super slow comparatively to typing on a real keyboard. ^^;

Just don’t make mistakes. :grinning:
Plus of course it’s not as fast as a normal keyboard, but it could take you two seconds to write the answer on a phone keyboard instead of one, people are fast.

I would need to use one of those touch screen pens for that, which is even slower. ^^;

Hi @Bcherny
I would suggest you give Reorder Omega script

a good look.

Keep up the good work!

I use a script so I don’t need to click.
I am looking at my scripts right now, but I don’t know which one it is.
When I type the right answer, it just accepts it immediately.

In general, WK is modifiable by scripts. As users move on, they can modify most things to suit their taste.


Lightning Mode feature in Double Check


Thanks for the suggestions to use a script. That said, this should be a basic usability fix for Wanikani itself — curious to get a take from the Wanikani core team, if they hang out on this forum.

Pretty sure thats not the first time this was talked about.
In Kitsun they have lighting mode where you will automatically go to the next item after you enter a correct answer. If it´s wrong it will auto extend the info card. I like it this way, because it saves me time either way. I would really appreciate a feature like this on WK as well

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I don’t think that’s good UX. First of all, if you get an answer wrong, then you either keep the same behaviour, throwing away the option to look at the info panel if you got the question wrong, which I would assume is the most common use case for that feature.
If you instead change the behaviour, so that it doesn’t automatically go to the next question, you now have a button, that does X in case 1, and Y in case 2 and 2 buttons that sometimes do the same thing, sometimes not.

The good solution would probably be adding lightning mode as a builtin toggle, since that is actually the most common usecase, and it stops the issue of “oh I accidentally skipped after i got that wrong issue”.

Another good solution in my opinion would be an easier “see last item” button. I think you can see the last 10 completed items, but then you need to look through that to find the actual last item, which takes unnecessary effort, not even mentioning the fact, that you need to have completed the item.

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Wanikani’s base UI leaves A LOT to be desired. If it weren’t for @rfindley and other script authors I probably wouldn’t use it. I HIGHLY recommend you use auto commit script. Auto commit should be it’s default mode. That’s where the moment you type the correct answer you advance to the next card. It currently takes 2 enters, you are advocating here for 1, but 0 should be default behavior. You can still get the answer wrong by hitting enter once if you really don’t know it.

I actually very much don’t like using this, because I could use it to cycle through possible answers. I want to have to pick one option and stick with it.

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Then hit enter like your currently doing and take the L. Still works. Just don’t impose your preferred method on others.

I use double-check for only its lightning mode feature. You can turn off the rest, and it won’t allow you to retype answers.

I don’t think 0 would be a good default behaviour, frankly in my mind even 2 is better than 0. As far as I can tell, WKs stand on retyping is that they won’t stop you, but it will never be default behaviour. Auto commit is basically retyping with extra steps.

Yet you’re trying to impose your preferred method on us.

Personally, I don’t think it makes for good learning. By automatically moving on if I just so happen to type the correct answer, I’m not making that connection in my brain that what I typed matches what the kanji means. Fortunately I can touch type, but I imagine this gets worse if you have to look at a keyboard when entering answers.

Having some concrete feedback of right/wrong when you press enter is much better than typing in a wrong answer, it not progressing, then you cycling through possible answers until it automatically skips along. I’m convinced the current system creates better connections in your brain.

One of the reasons I’m willing to pay for WK is the discipline it in stills in you. Sure, I could look up every review I struggle on, but that’s more work than actually dropping a level and actually learning it. Compare it to Anki, it’s very easy to go ‘eh I was close enough’ and advance the SRS, I know, I’m guilty of it all the time. The stuff I’ve learned on wanikani is definitely more stuck in my brain than the stuff I reviewed through an Anki deck.

The current system is the best catch all system, however if people find it better for them to install scripts and do it a different way, more power to them. The question should probably be how many user scripts should be options (but not default) in WK itself. I reckon there’s a few.

However between this thread and the other one, maybe wanikani isn’t the system for you? I’d suggest trying something else.


The problem here is that for every お、こ、そ、と、の、ほ、も、よ、ろ where you thought it was おう、こう、そう、とう、のう、ほう、もう、よう、ろう you’d pass the item before completing your mistake (that goes for some meanings too I think, where you might have confused the item with one with a longer meaning that starts the same).


For the record, I like things the way they are and I too would prefer for others to not impose their preferred methods on me:p But I’m all for open discussion about WK features :wink: