Input field losing focus during reviews (after "oops" messages)?

I’ve noticed during my reviews for the past few days that if I accidentally give an onyomi response when it wants kunyomi, or if I answer with the meaning when it wants the reading (or vice versa) that the input field loses focus.

As an example: With my cursor in the input field, I typed too quickly and entered “semaru” followed by the return key when it was asking for the meaning (to urge) not the reading.

It forgivingly presented me with the “Oops” message (a recent addition that I very much appreciate) but now I have to move my hands off the keyboard and use my mouse to click on the input field again before I can enter the desired answer.

I know: “first world problems” :slight_smile: but I’d have sworn I didn’t need to do this previously. I’m pretty sure I could just hit enter to clear the “oops” message then type my response.

I’ve disabled all my scripts, but this behavior persists.

Did something change recently that might be causing this?


I’ve noticed the same thing. Good to know it’s probably not one of my scripts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You should probably move this into the Bugs and Errors section.

Thanks! Didn’t realize I hadn’t!

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Had the same thing happen to me two days ago, but it went away on its own, so I thought it was something they were doing in the background.

Okay, now I’m really confused.

I had it happen to me multiple times again today, but weirdly it DID NOT lose focus twice!

I think I started hitting the backspace key pretty quickly on both occasions because I immediately realized my mistake. Maybe it’s some sort of race condition?

I can’t reproduce it though: the problem seems to manifest whenever I intentionally provide the “oops” answer no matter how quickly I start hitting backspace. Very weird.

That’s weird. I really haven’t encountered it since, so I guess you’d better contact the WK team directly and see if they got any suggestions. Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve reported the problem to Wanikani.

The issue is extremely repeatable for me.

Environment: Chrome Version 94.0.4606.71 (Official Build) (x86_64) running on MacOS 11.5.2 or 11.6 (iMac or macbook) with all extensions disabled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Browse to and start a review session
  2. Wait for a review of an item that I know and enter the romaji reading instead of the meaning
  3. The “oops, we want the meaning, not the reading” message appears and the shake animation of the text occurs.
  4. Typing has no effect as the focus is no longer on the input element.
  5. Click on the input field and now I’m able to correct the entry and enter the correct answer from the keyboard.

If focus is not lost in your environment when performing those steps in a recent version of Chrome, please report your OS and environment.

UPDATE: Dunno why I didn’t think to try it with Safari: The problem DOES NOT manifest when I use Safari (it doesn’t lose focus).

I use either Safari (at home) or Opera (in my studio). Running either Mojave or High Sierra. It’s not present in either environment (any more), but there was a Safari update for Mojave around the same time, which may or may not have contributed to it working as expected.

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