Wanikani vocab listening recognition

I’m using both kamesame (kinda) and torii to cement wanikani vocab and additional vocab respectively. I love the torii setting where I am only given the audio of the word in Japanese and I’m asked to give it’s English translation. I find that when I’m listening to actual Japanese media I’m unable to make the link between the word I heard and it’s meaning because I rely so much on seeing the kanji to get the gist.

However, I like having torii on the mixed setting where I have to translate both ways, plus listen (because it’s new vocab I don’t know as I’ve also set it so I’m not learning the words wanikani teaches me). I was wondering if there was an app or something where I could filter so I ONLY get wanikani words I’ve learned, and it’s only the Japanese audio, which I have to translate to english? Otherwise I guess I’ll have to wait until I’ve learned all 6000 new torii words then tick the ‘include wanikani’ box and set to only audio (if that’s possible). Am I even making any sense? Please notice me, senpais


Self-Study Quiz can do all of this


Is that a setting on torii?

Is WK script


You absolute hero


You can do that with the self-study script. The only problem are the words that sound the same, as you are not given any context cues.

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