Any suggestions for listening practice of vocab on Android?

I use the Self Study script for listening practice of WaniKani vocab on Chrome on my computer. But I would like to do this on Android. I heard I might be able to do this on Android with Firefox and Tapermonkey or Violentmonkey - but both of those Friefox add-ons were greyed out.

I just found out the Torii app has listening practice - I can press on the word (without looking on my screen) and try to guess the word from the audio.

Any other suggestions of how to learn through listening practice (audio → Japanese/English)? I am not ready to start listening to Japanese shows etc, of course, because am so new. Perhaps the Torii app is the best way to do this - however, it is a bit of a work-around because I have to avoid looking at the screen when I press the word just so can hear the audio only.

I stopped using Anki a while ago, but think there were quite a few pre-made vocabulary decks that included audio that would work on AnkiDroid as well?

These ones seem pretty goodm for example:

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Thank you @deliana88 I will check that out! I found a solution in another thread (found a script that allows for audio-only quiz on mobile - using the Kiwi browser app on Android):

But will also check out the Anki ones as well. Thank you :slight_smile:

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