The Self Study Quiz script is really useful for learning audio readings to meaning

I love KaniWani as a supplement to WaniKani as it is important to train the brain from English word > Japanese (not just WaniKani which is Japanese to English).

But then I thought there needs to be audio of the Japanese > Japanese or English… i.e. listen to the audio sample of the Japanese word, and then figure out the word being said in the audio sample (in Japanese and the English translation).

I found a thread where someone made a script for this on KaniWani:

and here is the script link for it found in that thread:

So now, in KaniWani (Chrome on my laptop), I have a “PLAY AUDIO” button below each word. So I cover the English word with my hand so I can’t see it (or could put paper over the laptop so it covers it), and just press the “PLAY AUDIO” button. Then try to guess what word is heard in the audio sample.

I’m going to be doing this, along with the regular WaniKani and KaniWani lessons. I find it pretty difficult as have only been reading (WaniKani and KaniWani) when learning. So I feel now learning by audio first will take it to the next level. Of course there will be homophones (words that sound the same but have a different meaning - as there is no full sentence context) but I can try guessing all possible meanings).

Does anyone else do this? I feel like this should be a bigger thing because most of the time, we will be hearing someone speak Japanese - not just reading Japanese. I can hardly guess any of the translations as I have never trained by audio first. So feel this is pretty useful (and am very grateful for the script creator).


I use the audio quiz on the self study quiz add-on, which achieves the same thing. I get much better at hearing new words in the wild. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh wow, thanks for suggesting that. I didn’t know about that. Just installed it and it is really great! I’ll probably use the self study quiz more than KaniWani now - or maybe don’t even need KaniWani

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The self-study quiz is great, because it gives you the things you have learned in several other formations.
One you learn to recognize when a word as spoken, you will start to hear it in conversation and on TV, etc. It is amazing when you just start to understand things without thinking about them!