WaniKani-Tsurukame Discrepancy

Hi guys. Are any of you facing a large discrepancy for WaniKani and Tsurukame Lessons and Reviews? At the moment, it says I have no Lessons and Reviews on Tsurukame but 7 Lessons and 260 Reviews on WaniKani. I noticed that this started becoming a problem after this most recent Tsurukame update.

I don’t use the app, but you should direct this question to the author of the Tsurukame app or its users.

I moved the thread to #wanikani:api-and-third-party-apps since it’s not a WK issue


Tsukurame seems to be having a issues synchronizing its information with WaniKani after the last update. Please check the Tsurukame thread:

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Good news! The new version is available in the App Store now - if you install it (https://tsurukame.app) it should fix these sync issues.


Thank you!! I was getting super stressed about all those un-synced reviews :sweat_smile:

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