[Help] 3rd party WK app not syncing

I finished 100+ reviews and a couple of lessons on tsurukame. But Wanikani Website review and lesson count are still the same as before. I dragged down to refresh multiple times from my mobile but it still shows the same as before. What am I supposed to do? (Not a network issue)

Wanikani Count: 243 Lesson and 160 reviews
Tsurukame Count: 233 Lesson and 30 reviews

Should I just wait? Or give up and restart the whole session from the website? I tried completing a few more reviews from the app but the website numbers dont budge. 助けて下さい

Sorry, I don’t have a solution for you, but my suggestion is to post in the dedicated Tsurukame thread; posting there gives you more chances that the Tsurukame author actually notices your issue and might be able to help you.

I do remember there were a few cases like yours, so my second suggestion is to search a bit through the posts in that thread, you might find a few things worth trying.


Thanks for the info. Will Check the thread.


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