Wani Kani and Tsurukame reviews not matching up

So I have been using Tsurukame when I am away to stay on top of my reviews and learn new words while away from my laptop. Sometimes I learn new vocab when I don’t have any service, but I try to connect to the wifi to do the reviews so that they should sync up. I have had some problems with Tsurukame reviews not syncing into the website on some occasions, but at the moment I now have some of my later new words not appearing on either the app or website (I checked it recently to see how they were syncing up).
Not sure that this is the right topic, but I would love to hear any advice.

Well, Tsurukame is a third party app that isn’t maintained by WK. There’s a thread on the forums for it though, so you might wanna ask the creator there about any issues with the app.


Thanks for pointing me to this, I’ll ask there thanks!

I just did 190 reviews. Wanikani showed 90 and I thought it’ll somehow sync while I do it or after I finished but it didn’t :sweat_smile: after I completed them all, the website showed 80 more. I’m tired man :rofl: