My Tsurukame is broken?

I’ve been using wanikani for over a year now and I am enjoying it very much. I am usually only around my devices so I use the Tsurukame app a lot it is has been great. Recently it’s been having syncing problems. I use my phone to do reviews when I’m away from home and I use my iPad when I’m at home. I’ll do reviews on my iPhone and it won’t sync or it will sync maybe 10 reviews and not the rest. Yesterday I did at least 200 reviews and it said that for this morning I’d only have 80 reviews to do but I woke up to 180 reviews! I don’t know why it is doing this and it’s kinda of wasting my time as it doesn’t seem to be completely uploading correctly. Is there anyway to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

I can’t say that I’ve got any experience of it doing this. Typically the reported number of reviews will be higher, rather than lower.

I’d advise asking for support in the main Trusukame thread:

The upload progress bar should be visible as well as the number to be uploaded remaining at the bottom of the home screen. If uploading hangs, I’ll sometimes have to refresh by pulling down over and over until it clears its queue. This will usually only happen if you happen to do a ton of reviews in one sitting and/or your internet connection is not strong enough.

This. At the end of your review, just watch the bar and make sure it loads all the way to the right before exiting the app.

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