Lessons and reviews in tsurukame are not the same as wanikani for me

I wanna do some of my Japanese on the phone if necessary, and here lately, I’ve been in a situation where I’ll have to be doing it for 3 months, but the reviews and lessons are inaccurate. I have 281 lessons, and 1354 reviews, even though I have less on WaniKani (Except for lessons, I have more of them on WaniKani). I’ve been able to correct the numbers before, but that was by chance. Can anybody help me fix it?

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This is the main thread for tsurukame and questions surrounding the app, as it’s not a WK-owned app. Try logging out of your tsurukame, restart your phone, log back in and see what happens. Often helped others (and me in the past). Good luck.

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Thank you!

I have this problem on a regular basis. I believe it’s a syncing issue. Pull down on the home screen until you see the “Pull to refresh…” message. This may seem obvious, but sometimes doing this doesn’t change anything. In that case, I try clicking on “lessons” or “show remaining” before returning to the home screen to sync again. Refreshing the app before syncing sometimes works, too.

Also, sometimes the little pink progress bar for syncing may not have loaded all the way. Again, this may seem obvious, but I find that I tend to forget about this and wonder why the syncing still hasn’t worked.

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