[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I like all the updates! But, I just realized that I didn’t get credit for any of my recent reviews. I see everyone saying to log off and back on. I really hate to seem dense here, but where or how do I do that? I’m assuming that it’s the app where I need to do that… settings? Please help!

Yes, it’s in the app. Simply go into the settings and scroll all the way down

Found it. Thanks!

Damn, I just completed reviews and lessons and now it looks like none of it counted. Guess I gotta log out/in as well. Good thing I didn’t do my backlog of 350+ reviews with the app, that would have sucked

You can turn off different animations in the settings : )

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Sorry about the problem uploading reviews in the latest update.

The old version used an API token that didn’t have permission to upload reviews through the API. The new version gets the right API token when you log in, but I didn’t test upgrading from an old API token properly.

I’ve got a fix in review with Apple now. When you install it it’ll ask for your password again, get a new API token, and will start uploading your saved reviews.

Don’t log out and back in again yet otherwise you’ll lose your saved progress.


Thank you for all your hard work! :pleading_face:

Thanks again!!!

Not sure where else to post, maybe someone will see this. Lately whenever I use Tsurukame on either my iPhone or my iPad, I don’t think my progress is syncing with Wanikani. I’ll do my 40+ reviews on my iPad while connected to Wifi, finish them, and then when I go on my desktop, it will show my reviews having not been done. What’s going on?

Read two post above yours

@davidsansome - I’m a big Tsurukame fan (use it every day) and I’m hitting the same problem of progress on the iphone and ipad not loading. At first I just did the log out and log back in again routine but then lost my progress, as you said, so I figured the problem was something else! I understand your comment about a new API, just one question, do we need to do anything to get this fix you mention, or just wait and you will apply it automatically?

Has anyone else experienced getting an item wrong and the screen just quickly switching to the next card? I have the “Reveal answer automatically” mode on cause I like to reread the mnemonics while doing the reviews but it’s happened several times already which is slightly inconvenient.

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Hey there. I was having trouble getting my progress to sync between my desktop and my mobile devices. I followed your instructions and downloaded the update in the App Store, and now some of my reviews have updated, but they still don’t match between devices. Is there other work that needs to be done before it’ll be correct? I just don’t know if there’s a timeline or not.

I think there is a small bug with the new features for showing the number of apprentice, guru, enlightened and burnt items. The numbers doesn’t seem consistent with what shown on wanikani homepage (apprentice items in particular are a bit less than they should be).

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I think it’s just that the app doesn’t count new items as apprentice items.

I’m a Seaman and have been using this app for a while. Last two weeks I’ve had no reviews or new lessons coming up on the app. Any way you can help?

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That is quite strange! What percentage is your level progress bar on?

I have the same issue. For some reason when I enter incorrect answer it gets count as correct and Tsurukame adds synonym for that word (I saw it in sync. 2 synonyms pending).

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Yeah, I usually stuff mark I can’t remember with “u” and all of a sudden I have a bunch of those as synonyms!

Hopefully, that gets resolved soon!

So I use the “allow cheating” mechanic primarily because I make a lot of typoes on my current phone, and it works about 90% of the time - but every now and then, the button to correct/skip/add just…doesn’t show up. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, and it’s really frustrating when I know what something means but I accidentally hit Enter or enter something that’s dictionary-correct but not currently on the list of synonyms - and the app decides “nah, you don’t get to correct that one.”

I wish I knew what actually caused the button to fail to appear, or if there was any sort of pattern to it, because this is kind of a useless report as it stands, but hopefully it’s something you can work on? LOVE the app otherwise, keep up the great work!

(Oh, one other minor request - you can currently sort items by SRS level, lowest-to-highest - is there any way we could get a reorder option for the other way around too?)