Wanikani statistics page question

I find the Wanikani Statistics page ( https://castux.github.io/wanikani-stats/ ) very useful for it’s breakdown of my accuracy at each level.

However, the ‘reviews per day’ section is consistently off. It says that my review load for 10 lessons/day will be 200-250 reviews per day whereas my actual reviews rarely get above 150.

I reset from level 21 to 10 a while ago, could this be throwing my number off?

Probably. I know (if memory serves)@rfindley had to take resets into account when making V2 of his stats page. So, entirely possible this stats page (which I’ve never seen before) suffers the same problem.

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Hi! Thanks for your interest!

First off, the numbers are an estimate, assuming that the measured accuracies are close to the thruth. It takes reviews from the last two months to make the numbers average, but recently relevant.

Secondly, it assumes that “lessons per day” stays constant (the number you input) during the whole “lifecycle” of the reviews (from learned to burnt). So it’s a bit like assuming that you did exactly 10 per day for a duration equal to the estimated “Average burn time” which is at the bottom.

So all in all, even when working perfectly, it’s just an estimate using a very theoretical model. But it does give an order of magnitude.

Additionally, I admit I have no idea how the resets will affect this :frowning: That said, since it only uses data from the past two months, it should not be a factor anymore after two months passed since the reset. How long ago was yours?


Ah, one thing also, this is based on the level delays that were in use at the time I wrote this. I don’t know if they might have changed since then?

levelDelays =
    [ 4.0 / 24.0
    , 8.0 / 24.0
    , 1.0
    , 2.0
    , 7.0
    , 14.0
    , 30.0
    , 120.0

I reset (coincidentally) just over 2 months ago so that shouldn’t be a factor. Maybe I am a bit too erratic for your formula.

Anyway - thank you very much for providing this page, I enjoy pondering the various probabilities.

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There were plans to change the intervals to add an hour (they are N days minus an hour), but that was aborted due to community feedback

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For your information. Your level timings are slightly inaccurate. I don’t know if that matters to your script. The actual delay as @Kumirei pointed out is N days minus one hour.

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Can anyone help me pls, I just went to wanikani stats, but the API doesn’t work anymore. I tried to find the token in the API section on wanikani bu can’t find any, and had to create it myself, I tried to make one but still isn’t working on the website…

The API version 1 was discontinued: API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

You can access statistics by going to https://www.wkstats.com:10001/progress/dashboard and entering API v2.