How is your WaniKani progress coming along?

Interested to know how far along everyone is with WaniKani. I just reached double digits so it’s a good day for me.

For those of you at higher levels, when do the early reviews start to creep back and pile on top of what you’re currently studying?


About to hit the “fast levels” (3d 10h possible) very soon. Super excited to be about 2 months or so from the end.

Since you have begun to bring items into “enlightened” you will begin to burn them in aprox 4 months. That’s when your items per day will cap assuming you keep a somewhat steady schedule. I didn’t feel that overwhelmed at the time of this change, rather more excited to be burning stuff so hopefully you’ll feel the same. It got at bit tiring some days to come home after a long day with a huge pile to deal with but the closer I get to the goal the greater my motivation grows!


Just today I reset my account back to level 1 from level 18. I found myself getting bogged down around level 15/16 and lacked the self-discipline to keep up–I’ve been gone from the site for over a year because I burned myself on out. Don’t make my mistake and feel as though you have to tackle every single review the second it comes up! Setting your own manageable pace will keep you going as you creep closer to 20+.


Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: How many reviews do you normally have on a day to day basis, assuming you keep on top of them?

I reset myself at the start of the year having tested the site early on last year. My WaniKani Statistics page is forever tarnished :sob:

I try to keep on top of my reviews throughout the day when I can spare the time at work, otherwise I tackle them all a couple of hours after I get home along with my lessons. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

I manage my lessons with the force reorder script, so I don’t end up with large review piles.
If you ever feel tired, just take it easy for a level or two. I usually level-up in 9~10 days, but slowed down for levels 9 & 10 (15 days each) and now I’m back to full speed!

Its going terribly, I entered ばつ rather than えつ and now I have to spend three more days on this level

May quit wk now


#Forever57. Is that even a thing?


It is when you type ばつ instead of えつ


I find it hard to keep up while traveling, so yesterday for the first time I had to go through more than 200 reviews in a single session (with my eyes closing due to for lack of sleep).

Also next week I’m having a friend staying at my place, and since he’s japanese I’ll slow down Wanikani and instead get some speaking experience.


Thanks to school kicking my butt I’ve been languishing at level 21 for nearly two months now. Getting back into the groove now, so hopefully I’ll be moving on to 22 soon…

Congratz on the double digits! In my experience, the amount of reviews jumps up when you start burning things. It feels like it doubles. I haven’t kept a steady days/level ratio because of uni stuff and busy weekends (11 day avg now), but lately I’ve been following some tips I’ve read around here from the ever-watchful jprspereira (how does he level up so fast?) and others, and for example spreading out lessons is a bliss. I also want to try the 6 day(?) level strategy now that I’ll have more time.

Also, I don’t know if you use the Ignore answer script but I’d avoid it if you don’t have self restraint. Sometimes I make mistakes and press ignore because I was “close enough” but I feel bad afterwards. Maybe I shouldn’t abuse it as much…

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I just recently got to level 4, so still pretty green. I’m excited to Master my first radicals/kanji in the next few days.

I’m still in that honeymoon phase with the newness where I’m checking in several times per day. I completely see that if I left the site alone for even a couple days there would be a lot to catch up with.


I’m six items from burning through everything available to free users. I have important reasons for not paying for a subscription right now (and I plan to pay later and resume being level 4 and/or beyond), so I’m trying to make a game of burning those last six so I remember to check in. They’re probably the ones that have been kicking my butt. Actually, I’ll look up the list…

生 (radical)
午 (kanji)
才 (kanji)
上る (vocab)
久しい (vocab)
十月 (vocab… though curiously, this one says it’s already burned (and retired) despite also definitely being one of the six that count toward the enlightened total… interesting (it should be noted that I also definitely know this term like the back of my hand, so if it’s indeed right about apparently being burned two whole years ago, I’m curious as to why it’s somehow… not burned… bug???))

I’ve already incorrectly answered vocabulary like 十月 far too many times. I know it, I just miss it because I don’t look closely enough at the second kanji and confuse it for 十日 at a quick glance. I just need to be more patient/careful I guess.


I just started but the Kanji is kind of kicking my butt already… I think its because unlike the other moonrunes I learned, I dont have any audio to work with and the Mnemonics are kind of… stretching… like really far fetched.

how does “cow” work with かわ? I mean its kinda there… but I found it easier to just remember it as kawa (videos online pronounced it this way too), with cow just not being similar enough for me to make use of it.


Oh well, I’m still level one, im obviously going to have a couple of gripes with the system, just gonna have to learn to bear with any annoyances xD Hopefully Vocab words will go smoother for me since that apparently has audio with it, just have to reach that first.

I’ll just be stuck at apprentice levels for a couple days probably, but not a big problem… as already stated and obviously indicated with my profile pic, I am level 1 still :stuck_out_tongue:

Enter worked for me however… so I’m not saying they are all bad!


The mnemonics are really meant to be memorable rather than exactly accurate so they plant the seed that helps you pull the memory out because they’re so bizarre. Like “why do I remember cow poop? Cow? Cow… uh… cow… かわ! The かわ had a lot of cows in it! Oh!” (But of course, not all mnemonics will work for everyone…)

(My personal favorite mnemonic probably is Mrs. Chou, though, because I just get a really vivid mental image of her for 丁)

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Well, I’ll just have to brute force the ones that don’t work for me! The ones that do however all the better! Hopefully by complaining about specific kanji it will become memorable :thinking:


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I just reached that level. I also got my first burns a few days ago. Lately, though, it’s been 100+ reviews a session. I can handle it for now, but I’m wondering how much they’ll start to build up if I don’t stay diligent.

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I am just starting to go faster and feel more confident about things. I’m not missing as many and am feeling
happier with my scores.

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