How do you keep up with Wanikani reviews

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding my learning. I have been doing Wanikani for a while now. But lately I can’t keep up with reviews. I spend one month to month and a half to level up I am only on 14th level. I am constantly doing reviews on average 150 per day. I started to notice that forget all the staff I already learned and when I get old kanji I make a lot of mistakes with them. My percent of Answered Correctly is on average 60%. What am I doing wrong?


Did you take a large break?

Hi, no, I took one day break last year

Lately I can’t keep up with the amount of reviews I get.
Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 21.52.14

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Maybe you’re moving at a pace that is too fast.

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Yeah this can be my only other suggestion.

I’m not that far up but it could be you’re taking on too many lessons at once so your reviews stack up.

What pace are you moving? I read a lot of people do 1 level per week thing. But I was moving at pace of 1 level per two weeks.

How many lessons do you do per day? And how many apprentice items do you currently have? The majority of reviews you get in a day are just apprentice items that come back for review often. If you currently feel like you’re doing too many reviews per day, just stop doing lessons for a while until you reach a rate you’re more comfortable with, then try to maintain your apprentice item count around that rate by not doing anymore lessons if you pass that number. Wanikani can get quite overwhelming if you don’t limit yourself :grin:


I’d say only a small minority move that fast. Average is definitely more, so no need to really worry. I’d try to keep your apprentice item count closer go 100 if you are having trouble.


how do i get that screen layout?


If you’re only getting around 60% correct then it probably means you’re not decreasing your review pile fast enough to counteract the new lessons you’re doing. Stop doing new lessons for awhile and concentrate on decreasing your Review pile so that you’re under 100 Apprentice items. Once the reviews are more manageable you can continue on with new lessons.


Yeah. That also seems to be the problem. Low accuracy is not good. I couldn’t tell you how to boost it, because I’ve never had it below 70, and it’s enough to progress. Right now I put off my reviews, if I feel I can’t get above 80%, and it always works, but doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for everyone. Someone could end up putting reviews off forever, which is not my case.

Sorry for being a bit off topic, but where do you get those cool stat screens from?

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I do get a lot of itmes wrong. Maybe that is a major issue and I need to take time to learn them better.

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These are my add-ons:

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Yeah I’d just stop doing lessons a bit and go through your active pile for a few days to slow your pace. It takes me about 2 weeks to get through a level.

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i’m guessing they might need a leech manager, so the ones they get wrong can be studied separately in order lessen up their review pile when they come along

When you say you do 150 reviews per day, is this all at once or do you do them throughout the day (i.e. 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon, evening)?

I do like 100 during lunch and I try to do about 100 at night.

I personally find that doing my reviews for new items in line with the SRS timing (I think it’s 4 hours after the lesson, and if you get that right then 12 hours next?) while they’re on apprentice is really important for retaining that information for me. It might not be an option given your life schedule, but maybe splitting up your review sessions even more may help with increasing accuracy!