Wanikani screenshots 📸


This is so sad, can we get 50 likes ?
(I’m just waiting to get upgraded to lifetime since I payed via paypal, and kinda did it a few days before this month’s sub ended, in a weekend too, GOOD THING I DID MY REVIEWS AND LESSONS AND HAVE ACCESS TO MY LESSON SUMMARY)


This is fun though lol


If you go to lifetime, the remaining costs of that month/year will be subtracted from the cost of the lifetime subscription. So if you paid 10 dollars for a month and buy lifetime halfway through, you get a five dollar discount. Or is there another reason why you unsubscribed temporarily?


I paid though paypal, aka email them and they send you an invoice with the full price, if I paid though the website by card, I wouldn’t have to worry about it, but I get charged by my bank for paying in another currency, paypal does not, I did the math 5€ of fees for 270€… I’d rather not lol.


Ah right, then I misunderstood :sweat_smile:



Hmmm… Let’s hope these two don’t contain the same review items :cold_sweat:







Hey, that picture is a nice WK t-shirt idea!


Finally under 100 Guru items \o/



holy crap, yo!

how long have you been at it to get to this point?


1 year and 9 months on WK :grin:


that’s dedication! i plan on sticking with it and trying to breeze through these kanji and work with bunpro to try and prepare for college Japanese. I really want to study abroad!

also an actual screenshot:

no, please, Wanikani, tell me more!


This three-days-level-up pace is… mm… fun? :sweat_smile:




Yup, did the same thing


Saturday is level-up day


Just me? I can’t possibly be the only one uhh…multitasking during reviews. >>
Someday I’ll finish this little batch. :clock530:


okay, this is epic.

honestly didn’t know that I hadn’t been on Wanikani for this long… dang. 610 days.


I watch soccer/football while doing reviews all the time xD


Stopped in the middle of a review to get that