Scaling the 6583 review wall - Once more unto the breach!

Last year, I raced through Wanikani and then stopped when my subscription ended. However, I was worried that I had forgotten everything, so four months later, I resubscribed. Additionally, I was worried that I’d forgotten even a lot of the things I burned last year, so I decided to resurrect every single burned item, except for radicals, 2670 in all, bringing me to a total of 6218 reviews outstanding.

Unfortunately, I made little progress on the 6218 review mountain, and then I went on vacation for a week, during which time I wasn’t able to do any reviews. I’m now back from vacation and ready to do reviews again, but the pile has now grown to 6498 reviews, even more than when I first started.

Since my review pile is actually higher than when I originally started, I figured that it is basically like starting the challenge from square one all over again and I might as well make a new thread for it. Hopefully, this time will go better than the last.


This topic makes me wonder what is the highest possible amount of review pile. :thinking:

And how many varieties of thumbnail they use based on the amount of lesson/review pile.


That would just be the total number of items on Wanikani (currently 8924)


Why I never actually thought about that before. It’s really obvious lol


It’s deja vu all over again.

I vaguely pondered burning everything, and then unburning it all again so I could see what it looks like with every item in the queue, but I don’t think it changes once you’re past the 2000 mark. Or thereabouts.


Time to post a link to an old thread of mine :joy: There’s seven for each

Cheering for you, @l_l さん!


This one is like “fxxk this shxt I’m stop climbing”. lol


Didn’t manage to get many reviews done today, but at least it’s a start. Hopefully I can do more (and improve my accuracy) tomorrow.

Tue Jun 01 2021:
Time spent: 15 minutes
Reviews completed: 25
Reviews remaining: 6473
Accuracy: 36.00% (9/25)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 45.45% (5/11)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 28.57% (4/14)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3004
Guru: 1258
Master: 1226
Enlightened: 3025
Burned 411


I genuinely recommend limiting your maximum amount of reviews per day. If you do 1000 in one day for example, large groups of reviews will come back at the same time, especially if I look at your apprentice count. For some it’s such a huge slap in the face that it kicks their motivation into oblivion. So even though you might want this finished asap, it is better to take it slow but steady.


You know
You could just change the number in your browser’s dev console

Interestingly, there is a picture for 500+ undone lessons, though nobody should even see it without the reorder script (or unburning a ton of items? Not sure how unburning works, like if the unburned items just end up in your lessons again)

This is the 500+ picture. I don’t think there’s another one for even more lessons


That’s cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unburnt items go back to Apprentice. I think.


Wed Jun 02 2021:
Time spent: 37m
Reviews completed: 55
Reviews remaining: 6485
Accuracy: 38.18% (21/55)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 63.16% (12/19)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 25.00% (9/36)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3017
Guru: 1258
Master: 1216
Enlightened: 3017
Burned 416

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My review count is now higher than when it started. I’ve updated the thread title to match.

Thu Jun 03 2021:
Time spent: 33m
Reviews completed: 47
Reviews remaining: 6504
Accuracy: 46.81% (22/47)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 68.75% (11/16)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 35.48% (11/31)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3030
Guru: 1265
Master: 1210
Enlightened: 3004
Burned 423

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I did unusually well on my reviews this morning, accuracy wise. I guess I just got lucky with a bunch of easy reviews for once.

Fri Jun 04 2021:
Time spent: 31m
Reviews completed: 67
Reviews remaining: 6498
Accuracy: 56.72% (38/67)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 82.14% (23/28)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 38.46% (15/39)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3039
Guru: 1269
Master: 1198
Enlightened: 2992
Burned 434

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I spent a lot of time (over an hour) on reviews today, and also had a much higher than normal accuracy rate this morning. Hopefully that’s a sign I’m making progress.

Sat Jun 05 2021:
Time spent: 64m
Reviews completed: 139
Reviews remaining: 6460
Accuracy: 53.96% (75/139)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 78.85% (41/52)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 39.08% (34/87)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3057
Guru: 1277
Master: 1176
Enlightened: 2974
Burned 448


My accuracy rate stayed high today. Hopefully this is the new normal.

As with yesterday, I spent a lot of time on reviews today due to the weekend. However, the dent in the review pile will be small and temporary as reviewed items will mostly come back up soon.

Sun Jun 06 2021:
Time spent: 63
Reviews completed: 138
Reviews remaining: 6418
Accuracy: 55.80% (77/138)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 79.41% (54/68)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 32.86% (23/70)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3077
Guru: 1270
Master: 1169
Enlightened: 2960
Burned 456

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Mon Jun 07 2021:
Time spent: 31m
Reviews completed: 59
Reviews remaining: 6458
Accuracy: 49.15% (29/59)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 66.67% (20/30)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 31.03% (9/29)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3081
Guru: 1280
Master: 1155
Enlightened: 2955
Burned 461


I skipped a day recently for no other reason than I just didn’t think to do it despite being pretty consistent, and I thought the just over 100 reviews waiting for me was a scary amount.


Oh sweet summer child.


Another high accuracy day today. I do think I’m slowly improving over time, although it feels like I’m often just getting lucky with the questions.

Tue Jun 08 2021:
Time spent: 32m
Reviews completed: 64
Reviews remaining: 6471
Accuracy: 60.94% (39/64)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 82.76% (24/29)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 42.86% (15/35)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3091
Guru: 1274
Master: 1152
Enlightened: 2947
Burned 468

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