Wanikani screenshots 📸


This thread is supposed to be sort of like the “sum up your review with a gif” thread, except it’s with actual snapshots of your wanikani experience. Not necessarily of the review itself, it could be of lessons, or community posts, or some stupid game you’re procrastinating with. Okay, my turn!

(I totally created this because I was in such awe of myself for this)


Woe is me. :tired_face:


i have a lot〜


Woah, the new mac GUI is sexy. Feel free to upload all you want in one post at 1/3 size or so


I see that in one of them you have your next reviews in a day. That beats my ten hours!



some user with high level sometimes have 1 week waiting time〜 i had longer waiting time at level 17〜24 probably where most item stay in enlightenment state so have less review〜

is too much〜 im also have on my separate other pc since im doing review from multiple place/computer〜

here’s some old result if you still want〜


My favorite is the one where it says “next review in one hour”, “zero items to review in the next hour”


That’d be because it’s around an hour; not actually an hour…


I can finally read what this says!


party pooper



German has a lot of words for “Wisteria”, I see.


Quite the opposite, lol. I don’t know anything about wisterias except that they are plants with blue blossoms, so I entered anything “blue plant” related I could come up with.


Gotta love the random English words that WK teaches you ^^


And me. Species names are jargon though.


I thought immediately of listeria lol.


Congrats on the level 6! I guess I found a partner that’s going at the same speed as me :stuck_out_tongue:


In a fit of frustration, I somehow got a blank answer to go through.


That’s incredible. Did you press something?