Wanikani screenshots 📸


Does this look like it should?


yep! perfect
looks like you’re in for a big rush of burn items soon too


wipes dust off of WK forums account where I pretty much use wanikani screenshots thread as a worse blog
whoops I haven’t been here in a while
Luckily, WaniKani “You don’t have any reviews I swear Denial Mode” is here to save the day:

I think this figure is over 500. Wish me luck.


After close to a year, this just happened:


It’s so beautiful :heart_eyes:


Y-You’re so beautiful!


no u


When they tell you to take WaniKani slow:


仲間!About a year and a half for me, but as of this evening I have no reviews.



I’ve made a vow to stop using the re-order script as I’ve been neglecting my vocab lessons for way too long in favour of kanji and radicals

I feel this 大きい山 may take some drive to overcome! I’ve been going at a rate of 40 vocab a day for the past four or so days and my apprentice queue is pilling up rather quickly… but I’m ready for it… I hope I’m ready for it…


頑張れー! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

As to avoid potential burnout, I’d recommend keeping an eye on that apprentice count and trying to keep it at least under about… 300 or so, which is still pretty high considering those items will be coming back consistently until they’re guru’d ;3 give yourself time to get that down, and if you spread it out and keep at it daily, you’ll be back before you know it!

If it helps to motivate you, feel free to post updates as you work through that pile, I for one would be glad to provide gifs and words of encouragement :durtle_the_explorer:


Thank you for the words of encouragement!

I will try to limit myself as you suggested. I should have put more thought into the fact these guys will be returning in droves for a rematch as they ascend the levels. Me and the various different vocab synonyms for plan/preparation (that never leave me be) will be ready and waiting! :blush:

I shall try to prevent any future update logs from sounding like the ominous journal entries from a survival horror game. let’s do this!


I had no motivation this evening… but I think I got my first 100% with over 100s of reviews… :smile: . I need to work on my grammar now …


Thankyou good guy Koichi



Something seems to be wrong with my lessons and reviews? Can anyone tell me what this means? Shouldn’t I have like a hundred lessons and a thousand reviews?


They all came back, and I was dumb, I wrote しろい for wide, for some reason and じゅうず for good at for some reason, I don’t know if I was just dumb or didn’t get it right, so I let it wrong, and for great I remembered something about し and big, but I couldn’t remember it without seeing the kanji, let’s not talk about all those “Woman” “Mother” “Father” that I always got wrong because WHICH ONE ARE YOU ASKING FOR ?! THEY’RE ALL NOUNS ! I tell myself all the possible answers and if I was right then I ignore it, because you know, I was right in the end.

uuhh and there’s like 100 more coming today


Coincidentally that is also where the white rhino got its name! It had a wide nose, some Dutch person called it the wijdneushoorn or wide nosehorn. Somebody thrn translated it into English as white rhinoceros, instead of wide rhinoceros. 白い and 広い also sound alike by accident.


@Saida Oh so then it’s 100% not my fault that I failed but this guy that mistranslated it :smiley:

Here’s probably the last time I’ll get to see this for a while.
It’s only going to last 3 hours, but still, it’s nice.



alright so it took a good three days because of bursts of motivation and not motivation but yes
Unfortunately I’ve created “a few leeches”
hopefully I’ll work on things on time. Reminder to myself: once apprentice count is <85, ACTUALLY DO LESSONS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH AND A HALF.
anki can wait until later.


Yes, KaniWani is harder because of all the synonyms. Here is my current hate list:

  • triangle - The one that only has “noun” is the shorter one (no ~けい)
  • to replace - The one that also has “to substitute for” is the one with わ
  • neighborhood - Too many, I just guess and get it wrong half the time… :slight_smile:
  • subject - The one with no synonym is the grammar word
  • last time - Coin flip…


others: success, life, first place, to learn, to gather, good friend, lumber, behavior,…
Whether kaniwani counts it right or not, it is useful to provide one of the “correct” answers.